Robyn Hood Legend 1

It’s the beginning of the end, with the opening of the third volume in the Robyn Hood trilogy, from the creative mind of Pat Shand.  All the good she had done for Nottingham has all been for nothing, thanks to the efforts of the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Now back in the Earth Realm, Robyn seeks to mete out her own brand of justice in order to put to rest all she had lost.  Little does she know, however that all may not be as it seems.

Unfortunately I haven’t read through the previous volume of Robyn Hood, but from what I can tell, something went down.  She’s back in Earth Realm and rather shaken up.  Will Scarlet has been killed by the Sheriff of Nottingham, whom was summoned forth by Guy of Gisbourne, and Nottingham is all ashambles.  Robyn just doesn’t know what to do anymore and is practically on the verge of giving up entirely, so she goes out to right the wrongs of Earth, one crime at a time, in order to dissipate the pain of losing Will.  More so than ever, Robyn has become the tragic hero.  Sure, in the beginning she was merely out seeking revenge and accidentally saved the people of Bree and in turn Nottingham in the process.  However, after seeing what good she can do and all of the suffering going on in both Myst and on Earth and finally finding someone who sees her for who she really is, Robyn truly wants to be the people’s champion.  But that was all taken away, thanks to the actions of Guy of Gisbourne.  Robyn sees no hope in ever making a difference ever again, I mean, she’s pretty much lost everything at this point.  So, you can only imagine her rage at seeing Guy on Earth with Maid Marian in tow.  All I know is that I definitely would not want to be the one to try and break up that fight.

Now, this is a great first issue.  A little slow, but with the nice little plot twist and the ominous ending, things are only just starting to heat up.  With this volume, we get to see a completely defeated Robyn, no gusto, no motivation, she’s just kinda going through the motions.  It’s great to see this character in this light, it’s something new and fresh and gives Robyn that much more realism.  She isn’t just some ass-kicking, arrow machine, we now see she is more than that.  This is the first real sign of vulnerability she’s shown since before she was taken into Myst.  She’s grown into such a great character and I’m truly looking forward to seeing how her story ends.  Compliment this story with some great artwork and this is definitely a recommendation from me.  My only regret is that I’ve missed out on the previous volume, so there’s going to be some references and revelations that I’m not going to get right away, but if you’ve done the same, don’t let that deter you from this great read.

Heartbroken and defeated, Robyn wanders the city streets of Earth looking to put an end to the crime and corruption, if only to keep her mind occupied.  Now, an enemy has followed to Earth and an ally she once thought lost, has returned.  It’s going to take all of Robyn’s willpower not to put an arrow through this foe seeking her aid and even more just to cope with what has transpired.  So, join Robyn as she strikes up an unlikely alliance and begins her final journey to Myst.  For more info on where to pick up this issue, visit the Zenescope website, the Zenescope Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions belong to the individual reviewer.

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