Robyn Hood 9

Robyn and Marian were hired by the wealthy Ms. Rubino to
lift a magical hold on her bank account, but when Marian’s spell goes awry, the
account is purged. Rubino threatens legal action, but it’s the least of their
problems, as Marian is pursued by an insane Avella, and Robyn makes a dodgy
deal with the Rotter, a criminal looking to lift a powerful curse. Meanwhile,
the mysterious Cabal prepares for a cataclysmic event known as “the

Robyn and Marian are in the thick of it now.  With Avella on the rampage and the Cabal
still at large, these ladies certainly have their hands full.  They’ve been in some dire situations before,
but this one could prove to be more than one of them can handle.  As their list of enemies continues to grow,
Robyn and Marian now have to prioritize lest they become completely
I liked this one.  Pat
Shand does it again with his superb writing style.  More suspense than past issues and things are
starting to come to a head as the villains are coming into the light.  The main characters are starting to lose
their grip on everyday life what with lawsuits, bills and enemies around every
corner.  With all of the trouble they’ve
encountered, everything is about to come crashing down upon the girls.  It’s great to see just how much pressure they
can endure before it finally breaks them. 
I can confidently say that this is worth the read.
The time is almost at hand for the Cabal to strike and Robyn
and Marian are the only ones who can stop them. 
Will they make it in time before the Shift occurs, or will an unforeseen
obstacle bring their endeavors to an end? 
Pick up the latest issue of Robyn Hood to find out the answers to all of
these questions and more.  For more info on
where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope
website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

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