Robyn Hood #5

the rebellion rages on through the city of Bree, everything is on the line for
Robyn. Trapped in the fairy tale realm of Myst for over a year, she has become
the voice of the revolution and a hero to the people. Everything is on the line
as Robyn faces off against the wicked King John and his champion, Guy of
Gisbourne, in a battle to the death. Zenescope’s epic miniseries comes to a
shocking end in this oversized finale, “Robyn Hood’s Death.” 48
pages, Written By Pat Shand, Artwork by Larry Watts
really gotten herself in deep this time. 
Here we are at the end of the series and she’s gone and bungled the
whole plan.  Now, she’s looking down the
wrong end of about a dozen arrows with no real hope in sight.  Or, at least that’s what she’d like you to
think.  Robyn’s got her work cut out for
her if she wants to be able to get back home in one piece.  At this point in time, revenge is the only
thing that’s keeping her going.  She
doesn’t really care about herself or anyone around her, as long as she’s able
to deliver the payback that’s due. Everyone else is collateral.  Initially, Robyn was meant to be a force for
good, but she’s been consumed and corrupted by her drive for retribution.  However, can she really find peace after all
is said and done or will she be lost to a dark and bloody path?  The answers to these questions and more can
be found in the final chapter of this amazing series.
Shand has crafted quite the tale here. 
There’s so much in this issue alone to like that it’s really hard to
focus on one thing in particular.  I
thoroughly enjoyed watching Robyn’s character grow and seeing parts of who she
was before the incident comes out here and there.  Yes, she’s motivated by hate, but a part of
her also knows that her time in Bree is making a difference for the people
there.  She’s become a symbol and a
savior to her birth-realm and a force of wrathful vengeance in her adopted
one.  Another thing that I really liked
about this issue is something that, again, I can’t really elaborate upon as it
may give away something in the plot.  All
I can say is that it has to do with how Robyn deals with the aftermath of her
trip back home.
comes the part where I discuss what I didn’t like about this issue.  Too bad you’re not getting that from me this
time around either.  Pat Shand has done
an amazing job turning Robyn into one sexy, bad ass girl.  This has easily become one of my new favorite
series from Zenescope and there’s no doubt why it shouldn’t be.  Why did it have to end so soon and just when
I was getting to know her?  Such is life
I suppose, but I would be surprised if Robyn didn’t make a return appearance
sooner rather than later.
stolen the lives of the rich and given hope and a future to the poor people of
Bree.  Robyn has truly lived up to her
namesake, albeit a bit more violently and brought prosperity to a land that
only knew sorrow and hardship.  True, it
was all to fulfill her petty sense of justice, but she was able to do something
good in spite of all of that.  I loved
every bit of this series and it’s just too bad that it has to come to an
end.  In any case though, you should
definitely grab this issue.  It’s more
awesome story telling by Pat and comes with a great ending to boot.  Definitely not one to miss.  For more info on where to pick up this issue,
visit the Zenescope website or the Zenescope Facebook page.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are 100% those of the author. No arrows were used or harmed in the making of this review and we think that Story Telling By Pat should be a convention regular spot where we can all show up in our pjs…or maybe just our insane editor thinks that…

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