Robyn Hood 2

Robyn and Marian, now operating a small private investigation business out of their apartment, help people with non-traditional problems. That led them to Sam, the head of a roller derby team of young women who practice witchcraft. After experimenting with a dangerous mystical drug, the women were targeted by a demonic entity known as the Priest, who captures Sam in order to lure Robyn and Marian to him.

The second issue of the new on-going series, Robyn Hood delves into the modern world to deliver street-level justice with a mystical twist.  With her new partner Marian, Robyn sets out to curb the efforts of a man known as The Priest.  However, now that Robyn has him cornered, she may have bitten off more than she can chew.  Robyn has faced some powerful enemies in the past and even with her enhanced abilities, she’s having a hard time against him.  Robyn and Marian end up at a roller derby match where they confront Sam’s team about the drugs in hopes to break The Priest’s control over them.  It seems like roller derby is starting to make a rise in comics.  Between this and the Harley Quinn series, I haven’t seen the sport spotlighted as much as it has been.   Maybe it’s been featured in more books, but I’m just going on what I’ve been reading.

Pat has been keeping his writing talents on par with his past work and it’s fun to see Marian trying to adjust to the modern world.  I like that she gets sayings wrong like “going in guns amazing” instead of “guns a blazing”.  It’s the little things like that, that give a character a realistic persona.  I also liked seeing Robyn get worried during her fight against The Priest.  It shows that she’s not this top notch fighter who can take down anyone, that there’s a real chance she could be beaten.  An essential flaw to most characters, but always great to see nonetheless.  I really couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this issue.  Like I said, Pat’s writing keeps things fresh and interesting and what’s not to love about that?  If I had any qualms at all, it would be with Marian’s hair cut, but that’s more of a personal dislike than anything.

As the second issue of the new on-going series, it holds up well to the previous installments of the overall series and adds new depth to the ever evolving characters.  Whether it be Marian’s first roller derby match, or Robyn actually trusting someone, there’s always something new to be found within this series.  So, continue on your Robyn Hood collection with issue two, the penultimate chapter in the first story arc.  Yet again, Pat Shand doesn’t disappoint.  For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

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