Sometimes we get lucky and make just the right connections and end up having a ball with a new review. That was the case when we met the folks over at Rifit. Rifit is a brand new product, recently launched at Stan Lee’s Comikaze. In fact, they’ve actually partnered with Stan Lee’s Sportsball World, an upcoming game app. We were lucky enough to be sent not only the standard version of the Rifit but also some of the really cool Stan Lee Sportsball World characters.

Still no idea what a Rifit is? Well, that’s probably because I haven’t told you. Since it’s easier to show you than tell you, check out this really cool video:

Roger, who agreed to be my testing partner, was super excited when we opened the box. He immediately set to work on figuring out how these worked (we hadn’t found the how to video yet!). Him and I spent at least an hour flicking and flinging these all over the house. Honestly, for such a simple toy, we had the most fun. The best part? We got to invent our own games and our own rules because there is no right or wrong with these. Plus, since they’re made of a soft foam, there wasn’t any major risk to the breakables in the house. Now, since no cool toy review is complete without a video of it in action…May I present to you…Roger and our front yard:

and…since we actually took 7 different videos, I give you one more for the fun of it…

Bottom line? Check these out. We had a total blast playing with them. Put it this way. The kid liked them so much that he even crawled into the bushes after one of the takes didn’t go as planned when the wind kicked up. If you know my kid, that’s saying something. In the video, we’re using one of the “plain” Rifits but check out these guys:



These are characters from Sportsball world. This cross promotion looks really cool and we’re hoping to check it out as soon as it goes live. With any luck, we’ll be showing you a review of that, as well.

Until next time, have you Rifit today? (Yes, it became a verb in our house, not just a toy…)

Geek-o-Rama received product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and commentary belong to the individual author.

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