Revenge of Wonderland #2

Revenge of Wonderland #2

Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Allan Otero
Colors: Grostieta
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Alice. The Alice. The one who slipped down the rabbit hole and discovered an amazing and dangerous world called Wonderland? Yeah, she had a daughter who made the same trip and barely escaped from that twisted world. Callie is her name, and she is happy leaving that place far behind her. Her daughter, Violet, on the other hand, is sure that Wonderland exists even if her mom tells her otherwise. When she starts to investigate strange reports in the news she finds it: proof that Wonderland is real and that it is stealing children once more.

Revenge of Wonderland is a six-issue run of the story of Callie, Violet, and the nightmare land that is Wonderland. The story is part of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe, and as the name implies, this is not the Disney Wonderland with cartoonish menace. This Wonderland is dark, mysterious, and brimming with danger.

Alan Otero’s art is excellent. When the sex appeal needs to be turned on it is definitely there, but not every shot of the mainly female cast is overtly sexy and distracting. The reader does not get lost in weird contortions designed to look sexual as the story plays out, and that would be an easy line to cross. The blood and horror elements of the story are sharp and perfect, conveying the terror and madness with enthusiasm. Raven Gregory’s writing is solid and pushes the story forward. The eagerness and anger of Violet plays well against the depression and sadness of Callie. The juxtaposition of the two gives the story depth and an emotional byplay that feeds the story.

The story is for a mature audience due to violence and language. It is a visual pleasure and a creepy joy to read. This is rated a four and a half out of five for me.

You can find more on this comic at Zenescope Entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.


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