Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #4

A trip down memory lane takes us back to the beginnings of Red Team, as Duke and George eye up some fresh new NYPD talent. Meanwhile, the search of Little Boi Days’ home yields some surprising results – and brings Eddie and Trudy to the brink of disaster.

This issue takes time out of the main plot to fill in the back story of partners Trudy and Eddie.  It all builds really well and pays off with a surprise ending but a couple of minor issues stick out to be annoying and prevents it from being a totally satisfying read.

The first and foremost issue is that I still get the sinking feeling that it’s needed to have read the first Red Team book to get the most out of the story.  There are some references to the rest of Red Team and such but I really have no context to understand or appreciate them.  Luckily they mainly focus on Trudy and Eddie first becoming partners, I just feel like I’m missing something.  Also the dialogue I’ve loved so far in this comic suffers because a lot of the dialogue is informed by the context of the first book, so it’s playing off of information I just don’t have.

The second issue really isn’t the creative team’s fault, it’s just a problem of how comics are published and solicited.  One of the reasons we’re given a backstory in this issue about Trudy and Eddie is because there is a surprise for one of them at the end of the issue, and building more familiarity with the characters with the flashbacks help make the end scene have more impact because we care more about the character.

At the end of the comic one of them is shot and you don’t know if they live or die.  Considering neither character is a 50-year-old superhero icon, there is a good possibility that it’s quite fatal.  But if you see solicitations for later issues of this miniseries lets you know that they do actually survives.  That’s even more disappointing because the solicitation text for issue 5 says –

“With Trudy’s life hanging in the balance…”

Yet the cover for issue 6 (which both issues are mentioned on the official website) spoils the tension –


So the cliffhanger that apparently was supposed to go through 2 issues is ruined by the simple need of having to promote comics in a timely manner so comic shops can be informed and order accordingly.  The whole nature of how with non-returnable comics, publishers are actually selling to shops and not readers, it an another conversation entirely.  In this case though sadly it lessened the impact of the tale.

Score of 3.5 out of 5

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