“Cork, Ireland, 1411. The legendary Napir clan defends their stronghold from the Dark Order, a vicious demon legion. Stuck in their old ways of combat, the clan is slaughtered by the demonic arts. Meandering throughout the ages, the Napir clan gathers their strength, vowing one day seek vengeance against the vile horde.

Present day. Ray is the pragmatic accountant, and the son of a local television pastor.  Trapped in his fathers’ shadow, he desperately tries to find his niche in the world.  When Ray learns that his father has been mysteriously killed, he decides to uncover the mystery of his death. However, when encountered by a member from the much-evolved Napir clan, Ray is enthralled into the ancient battle between two forces. Caught between two worlds, Ray must uncover the mystery behind his family bloodline, and rise up against the oncoming onslaught of the Dark order.”

Look mom, no zombies! Only demons! Demons are scary too, though, let me tell you. Have you ever met a demon in a dark alley? Ok, neither have I but I bet it would be scary. I think I’ll avoid alleys for a while. Wait, I don’t hang …You know what? Let’s just get to the review.

The Good : It’s different from anything I’ve read for a while. Sometimes there are trends in entertainment and after a while, my brain cries when someone hands me something that fits right in with them. Then, the comic gods smile down upon me and hand me something new and the world rejoices! Ok, maybe not the whole world but I certainly do. Reclamation, while short, has a story that leads you to want to know more.

The Bad : It’s really big. The book, instead of being a standard comic size, is the size of a large magazine. For me, I felt like I was reading a comic book for the blind. The pages were large. The images were large and the words were large. I think this could have been done much nicer if the pages were “standard” size.

The Summary : It’s an interesting take on something new and because the intent of the author is to have this read more as a visual screenplay, there is plenty of action. I’m curious as to where this will lead. I haven’t heard any mention of there being a second book coming out (movie sequel, anyone?) and this book leads a lot of story untold. Here’s hoping that the next book is already in progress.

If you’d like to learn more about Reclamation, check out the website or the Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments or randomness belong to the individual author.

One comment to Reclamation

  • Romeal Watson  says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. ha ha "comic book for the blind," almost spit my drink out :). I'm very committed to giving us a different taste of Sci-Fi, Action. I've heard everyone's "brain cries" and I'll have fun trying to put it at ease.

    As for your last question. Yes, the plan is to do come out with a second edition. Right now I've been spending much of my time rewriting parts of the screenplay(some movie producers are on ice while I do so) but I will be at NYCC in October with my artists, and we will discuss coming out with a second episode.

    The good news is that I've already written the 120 page screenplay(10 screenplay pages = about 24 comic pages = at least 12 editions total), I just need to get the financial ball rolling.

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