Rebels 4

With Mercy pushed to the back of his mind, Seth is free to commit one hundred percent to the war for independence and to the special assignment General George Washington has in mind for him.

A bloody battle on Bunker Hill, a lackluster meeting with George Washington and Benedict Arnold, and an onerous task for the Green Mountain Boys Militia.  They have to get 59 cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston to assist with the siege there.

The fourth issue starts off with a long and bloody battle that chronicles the difference between the colonial revolutionaries and the English soldiers on the field of battle.  It is a win for the Americans, but a costly one.  Afterwards, Seth meets with General Washington but fails to impress him.  Despite this, Ethan Allen realizes that Seth is the man for the job to get the cannons from Ticonderoga to Boston.  The men have a conversation on the battlements of the fort, Seth could leave to see his wife, but he refuses.  He says the work is too important, and she will understand.

Rebels captures the horrors of war like few titles I have ever read.  The conflict.  The gunshots.  The explosions.  The stillness after.  It is all so stark and real in this book.  The art team make great use of negative space to throw in color in all the right places to make each of the pages sing.  The explosions come to life in this static format that almost make the reader weep.  The colors in this title really set the tone, each scene gets a specific treatment that sets it apart from the other scenes in the book.  This works well in keeping the reader’s eyes traveling exactly where the artists want them to be.

The story continues to move on at a comfortable pace.  Rebels is a marathon and not a race, as the liberation of the colonies was.  Although we love fast moving stories, this one work so much better as a slow, steady chronicle of the common men that contributed to the heroes that we all recognize.  The conversation between Seth and Ezekiel at the fort is heart wrenching and all too real.  We see that Seth might be sacrificing something with Mercy by staying at his post, just as soldiers have for all time.  This is not a title to miss.

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