Rebels 3

Following the events on Lake Champlain, Seth’s long walk home is juxtaposed with a similar trial from his youth, when an unforeseen accident pitted a young Seth against both the harsh elements and his father’s harsher expectations.

Issue three attempts to capture the most difficult aspect of a soldier’s life, that which is left behind. While Seth is off fighting for the freedom of a nation, his young bride is toiling day and night to keep the homestead going. She works in the garden with one hand on a spade and one never far from a pistol. The story captures the dangers not only of frontier life, but also of every spouse that’s been left behind by a soldier. This issue is also a homecoming for Seth, but the call of duty ensures that it’s not a long one. Already we see that Seth and Mercy are not on the same page about the fight for the nation’s freedom.

Up to this point, I have been a big fan of Rebels. This one just felt like unfinished filler that bored the writer and artists. Mercy is rendered in a very rough fashion, possibly to accentuate the toll of working to maintain their farm without her husband’s help. The overall effect though is that she looks like she’s in her sixties in several panels. It’s not just her either, the rest of the characters have a rough, incomplete look that makes it difficult to tell the difference between Seth, Ezekiel and Ethan in a conversation they have about the previous battle. The only real difference between them is their facial hair. This art team, can and has done much better in the past.

The story for this installment is both slow and lacking in any real depth, during the homecoming Seth remembers a time when his father fell through the ice and had to be dragged back by a young Seth. Is this is a set up for something or just how life on the frontier was filled with tragedy and danger? It’s unclear by the end of the story, exactly what the point of the flashback was, other than perhaps they needed something to fill in the space. This issue could have been much better.

Don’t despair lovers of history and wartime drama, this series is sure to get back on point once Seth returns to the frontlines.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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