Realm War 3

Sela recovers some of her remaining allies. Though it seems
Robyn Locksley’s loyalty shifted to the Dark Horde.  Meanwhile, Venus deviates from the Dark
Queen’s plans in favor of her own personal gain. And what of the Dark One, who
nears a breaking point with his queen’s abuse? 
With so few friends left and these shifting alliances, Sela’s fate lies
on uncertain ground.
Amidst the Age of Darkness, Sela, Red and what remains of
the Realm Knights, as well as a collection of beings from the other three
realms, travel along the open road on their way to New York City.  It’s there that the majority of the
destruction is occurring as it seems to be the Dark Queen’s focal point.  Betrayed, broken and with no other real plan
in mind, Sela trudges forward until they are ambushed by a band of the Dark
Horde.  Sela and crew manage to hold
their own, but soon discover that things are about to get a lot worse.  Joe Brusha did a great job providing this segway
into the next issue.  However, aside from
that, not much else went on except a bit of re-capping and exposition.  Although I didn’t read the first two issues,
this one felt a bit like filler, given that this is a twelve part series.
On a more positive note, this feels like a DC, or Marvel
cross-over event (which I’m pretty sure it essentially is).  I always do enjoy seeing heroes from their
own stories join up in order to take on some new and rather powerful opponent.  Which is probably why I enjoyed this
one.  New team-ups and a big shake-up to
the status quo are on the horizon and this issue is only the tip of the
machinations underway.  We seem the
remnants of the council discussing the events that are unfolding and spectres
of the past returning to the fight.  Also,
the artwork by Sami Kivela compliments the series rather well.  He brings a nice style and finesse to the
characters that captures their essence and the colors by Maxflan Araujo really
makes the artwork pop.  Real nice shot of
Sela and Red just laying into a couple of the Dark Horde on page 5, you get
that blood spray right in your face.

Issue three of Realm War gives readers the chance to see
Sela and her group hacking their way towards NYC, where I sense a much larger
showdown is about to happen come the next issue.  Although some may consider this nothing more
than a segway, it definitely helps drive the story towards the larger,
game-changing events coming up.  So, if
you’ve already started in on this series, pick this one up, otherwise you’ll be
left in the dark a bit, like I was, when the story continues on next
month.  In any case, this is a great
addition to your Zenescope collection, so grab your copy today.  For more info on where to find this issue,
visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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