Realm Knights

With Cindy and her entourage of evil holding the United
Nation hostage, only one formidable fighting force can stop them.  Enter the Realm Knights, a team of Highborns
and Falsebloods, put together by the United Sates government, to bring an end
to any threats that spill over from the other realms.  Written by Pat Shand, Realm Knights is a
special one-shot precursor to the all-new Realm Knights mini-series coming this
fall from Zenescope.
Cindy is back and she’s brought some friends.  After her run-in with the Being, Cindy is set
on causing a little chaos and destruction at the United Nations, just because
she can.  With the world’s security force
hopelessly outmatched, the US government knows there’s only a select few who
can truly stop Cindy and her comrades of chaos before they destroy any
semblance of world cooperation.  Brought
together by Shang, Sela, as well as Robyn, Hook, Red Riding Hood and Hecate
form the new defense force known as the Realm Knights.  Now Zenescope is truly delving into the
superhero genre.  It’s a team of
superpowered individuals, complete with colorful uniforms and code names.  This time it’s not just a team-up due to
coincidence like in Bad Girls, but they’ve all been purposefully brought
together in order to combine their strengths against a common threat. It’s
Zenescope’s version of the Avengers and it’s truly something spectacular to
Now we delve into one of my true loves of the comic book
genres and that would be the classic superhero story.  A lot of what I liked about Bad Girls, I liked
about this: the action, the team-ups, the superpowered chaos, but what really
stuck out to me was just how much this story really pulled from the hero
books.  This one truly delves into that
genre and doesn’t try to mask it (pun intended) in any way.  Reluctantly brought together, some more so
than others, they all have pasts that they would be more than happy to
erase.  However, through much arguing,
they finally learn how to work as a unit and bring down the evil that has
leaked into the Earth realm.  That right
there is the pure essence of what makes a good superhero story, or at least it
does in my book.  Plus, you gotta admit
that this is a much sexier version of the Avengers.  Now I’m really looking forward to the
mini-series that comes out this fall.
So, I can tell you right off the bat that I wasn’t too
thrilled with the artwork in this one. 
Yet again, it was decided to put two different pencillers on this book,
and the transition wasn’t that smooth.  The
first few pages weren’t too bad, everything flowed real well and it looked crisp
and clean.  But then you get to the
latter half and everything seems to break down and get rather sketchy.  Things just don’t look as good and it takes
away from the story a little bit.  I
don’t know, perhaps I’m too much of a stickler when it comes to art, but it
just didn’t look complete.  However, this
is a Pat Shand story, so don’t let my negativity deter you from a well written

Skewing away from the horror genre, Realm Knights opens up
new opportunities for more magically powered teams to spring up throughout the
Zenescope universe.  I mean wouldn’t it
be awesome to see Calie, Tinkerbelle and the soon to come Dorothy breaking
hearts and kicking ass in their own spin-off series?  For now however, this one-shot is a great
introduction into one series I’ll definitely be looking forward to in the
fall.  So, go check out Realm Knights,
it’s a sure fire hit that you won’t need to assemble a team to handle.  For more info on where to pick up this issue,
visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are 100% those of the individual reviewer.

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