Rails, A comic by Seth. This comic, Rails, is a project that Seth is apparently writing and illustrating. This guy is new to sequential art and this is his baby. This book or prologue to be more specific is in grey scale. No blacks really. A lot of grey and some white. It’s hard to explain what the story is yet since it is a prologue. I can say this though. The story is set up in the “Old West” and you are first introduced to a character Deputy Johnny.The characters are animals with human bodies.Very lanky human bodies.

Going into this, Seth is very open and honest about what this digital comic is to him and what he wants it to become. The idea is to open up the discussion for improving one’s craft, through social mediums like Facebook, and the (hopefully soon to be implemented) forums on his site.  He wants to encourage people to actively pursue getting better at the things they do, and he wants them to feel safe discussing it instead of feeling like it’s something to be ashamed of, or something that they need to hide. Seth states, “I hope you enjoy Rails, and stick with me while I figure things out and get better at telling this story through the following months/years to come!

The Good:
The characters are drawn fairly well. Animals walking around like humans is always fun, I think.The prologue does end leaving you wanting to know what happens next. If you are into helping fellow creators/artists improve their craft, then this would be something you might want to get into.

The bad:
The characters are a bit too lanky. Some of the dialogue doesn’t quite match up with the facial expressions. The backgrounds are poorly laid out. I would say the backgrounds were my biggest problem with this story, actually.

Like I said before, if you are into helping fellow creators/artists improve their craft then this would be something you might want to get into. I would love to have seen much more content than what is available at the moment. Hopefully, this story will grow into something that is both well drawn and well written. I had time to look at the character concept designs on the website and I was impressed overall. The problem is, the concepts look significantly better than what is in the book. I would also like to see more than just shades of gray. That being said, I hope this story comes together and I will be going back to read more and see how or if the story develops.

For more information, check out Rails both on the website and Facebook.

We were asked to review this webcomic on behalf of the folks behind Rails. All comments, thoughts and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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