Publishing Company N.A.S Launches Their Indiegogo Campaign for The Tribulations of Abaddon #1

The Tribulations of Abaddon #1 is a medieval adventure where
warriors must join forces, caught in the center of an epic battle between
angels and demons.
As humanity prospers and kingdoms grow, the balance of good
and evil shifts into chaos when the demon Syria escapes from the dark bowels of
Hell. Back on Earth, the Sumerian city of Larsa begins to consume itself as a
demonic plague begins to spread at an overwhelming rate. Its defending warriors
desperately strive to maintain their existence, and ensure their survival, by
coming together. They overcome great odds as they fight for their lives, caught
in the war between Heaven and Hell.
David Sandoval, the founder of N.A.S is here to ask for
funding help in making the first issue of “The Tribulations of Abaddon” a
reality. The journey to produce this fantastic tale has been a long one. He has
been working on T.O.A. for a few years, and in the process of development, he
came together with a fantastic team of artists who have helped him create this
labor of love.
David has been personally funding the creative production of
this book, but he can’t do it alone — and producing the physical comic is a financial
challenge in itself. He’s looking forward to getting this story out to comic
fans everywhere, so he can show everyone what an epic adventure he’s created.
David hopes to find enough support to make this a successful Kickstarter and
make the book happen.
The Indiegogo funding will be used to help pay for the
interior sequential art, which includes: pencils by Kris Cagle, inks by Juan
Albarran, colors by Tommy Shelton, lettering by Kel Nuttall, post-production
graphic design by Raymond Dowaliby, and the printing and Distribution of T.O.A.
Exclusive Cover by: Patrick Blaine, Jonathan Glapion
Steve Firchow
Exclusive (4) Connecting Covers by: Kevin Conrad,
Patrick Blaine, Richard Bonk, Jonathan Glapion, Kris Cagle and Thomas Mason
Limited Cover by: Paolo Pantalena and Nei Ruffino 
Two of the challenges David worries most about are scheduling
and deadlines. The entire team is working hard to have the book completed and
in print by August 2013. To avoid any chance of delays and get the book into everyone’s
hands on time, they’ve decided to work nonstop until it is finished for all the

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