Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #4

Welcome back to this sweet, sweet garbage (no really, the story opens in a dump). When we last left our heroes(?) sidekicks(?) villains(?) Sparky had inadvertently killed his mentor Big Blue, and is now an infantile jibbering idiot; an insane Tim is wearing an oven mitt duct taped to his face, a la Phantom of the Opera, to hide the rainbow scar left from his confrontation with Rainbow Boy; and Captain Battle Jr. has just arrived and doesn’t know what to think about all this.

Meanwhile, in the Libertyville General Hospital, the Mayor sits at the side of Rainbow Boy, who managed to survive Tim’s attack. This touching scene is then interrupted by the Mayor’s soon-to-be ex-wife, who confronts him about his Mayor being confronted about his affair.

Back in the junkyard, Captain Battle (Sr.) arrives and Tim attempts to disintegrate him, but THE RESULT WILL SHOCK YOU! Without giving too much, away Tim ends up needing to replace his hand, which he does using duct tape and a kitchen knife back at Terror House.

The issues closes with a dimensional portal opening. Black Terror comes through wielding his flesh hammer (that’s not a euphemism), and proclaiming the drunken vengeance that he will exact on Tim…  next issue.

I’m going to legitimately miss this series when it wraps up next month. Ryan Browne’s dialogue is glorious. Pete Woods’ art is great and I look forward to seeing his Dimension 42 critters running amok in Libertyville next month. 4 out of 5 stars, and I’m going to preemptively give next month’s issue 1 out of 5 for inevitably crushing my soul by ending this great series.

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