Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #3

So, let’s do a quick recap: thus far Dr. Baron von Science, Black Terror, and Blue Bolt have all been killed by Tim using a ray gun stolen from found in Dr. Baron von Science’s secret lab. Here’s the thing, though – they weren’t. The ray gun didn’t disintegrate them, it transported them to the very strange Dimension 42. How strange you ask? Black Terror has only been there a week, and he has “vomited in horror fifteen times”.

We begin issue #3 with a continuation of the snark between the “Narrator” and the “Editor.” As far as the actual story in concerned, we find Rainbow Boy in a darkened kitchen, wearing nothing but his rainbow helmet, rainbow briefs, and the key to the city, where he is confronted by Tim over that key. Tim has had a taste of the spotlight, and the key to the city is a symbol of that fame. As he de-keys Rainbow Boy, he is met by a skittle blast to the face, for which Tim retaliates by bludgeoning Rainbow Boy’s rainbow head in, and then runs away.

Meanwhile Big Blue (not Blue Bolt – as mentioned in previous reviews, there are a lot of similarly named hereos in this city) reveals that he found enough evidence on the dismembered head of von Science’s robot to arrest his young sidekick, Sparky. As he is being handcuffed, Sparky shocks his mentor just enough for him to stumble backwards and trip, impaling himself on the robot head’s antenna.

Tim soon arrives and disintegrates Big Blue’s corpse (although we have previously established what happens when he does that) before he and Sparky head off to find their friend Captain Battle Jr. The issue ends as the Mayor of Libertyville, USA wakes from a nightmare, alone in bed. He gets up to find his absent partner. WHAT HE FINDS IN HIS IN HIS KITCHEN WILL DISTURB YOU!

Ryan Browne’s story, which I already loved, is really starting to ramp up. The introduction of Dimension 42 gives Pete Woods the chance to draw some crazy stuff, and he seems to revel in it. This issues stays up at 4 out of 5 stars. It’s starting to feel like a superhero genre version of the movie Dale and Tucker vs Evil. You should go watch that, by the way (but look up as little as possible about the plot and just dive in).

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