Project : Shadows #2

THE YEAR: 2050. WAR has ravaged the world and more
specifically, America. At the heart of nuclear destruction and everything that
led up to it is the new evolution of man: super powered beings called SHADOWS,
who are government-created, controlled and unrelentingly sought after by ALL
SAMANTHA, a VERY POWERFUL Shadow, has decided that she wants nothing
to do with any of it and is trying to just live out her life in a mostly
post-apocalyptic world. She soon finds herself caught between a government that
has only brought her ruin and a rebel faction of Shadows that wants to change
the balance of power. What is a girl to do? Is it really possible to be neutral
There was no Kickstarter contribution to add to my
excitement of this book, I was still just as eager to read it.  Although knowing I had a hand in the first
one is still a fun thought, but I digress. 
With the strong start we had to issue 1 of Project: Shadows, there was a
good chance we’d follow up with another bang. 
And what do you know; the second part of this story did not disappoint
at all and continues to be a great read.
Although we may not see all the intense, power filled fights
we had in the first issue, we still have a powerful story to fill that
gap.  With the drama that our lead role
Samantha has gotten caught up in, the dark forces behind the scenes are
beginning to be revealed.  The kind of
power she possesses is bound to be sought after as you can imagine, the big
question is why.  More and more pieces of
the puzzle are coming into play, and things are bound to rapidly progress as
the series goes on.
Regardless of there being less extreme action scenes in this
book, the artwork has maintained the lively feel it had from the opening
issue.  Trujillo keeps the same post
apocalypse look going consistently, and Parvanov brings out all the right
colors to accompany that design.  Of
particular note, the first couple pages of this issue were absolutely stunning
to look at, and even had me going back for seconds.
This is a project I am glad to have stumbled upon,
regardless of how I managed to.  I was
reeled in for the first part, and it’s looking like I’m hooked after the
second.  Sci-fi seekers and general comic
lovers alike should find themselves enjoying it.  I’d say you should definitely check out this
title, as it’s a great read and it’s done by great local talent to boot.

For more information on Project: Shadows, check out 183 Degree Studio.

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