Project :Shadows #1

THE YEAR: 2050. WAR has ravaged the
world and more specifically, America.
At the heart of nuclear destruction and everything that led up to it is the new
evolution of man: super powered beings called SHADOWS, who are
government-created, controlled and unrelentingly sought after by ALL nations.
SAMANTHA, a VERY POWERFUL Shadow, has decided that she wants nothing to do with
any of it and is trying to just live out her life in a mostly post-apocalyptic
world. She soon finds herself caught between a government that has only brought
her ruin and a rebel faction of Shadows that wants to change the balance of
power. What is a girl to do? Is it really possible to be neutral despite the
This was one of those books you get
excited about before you even know all that much about it.  I was actually a proud contributor to the
Kickstarter that initially made this project a reality.  So as you can imagine, getting my hands on
Project: Shadows as a review is a treat for me. 
Plus, I got to see my name in the back, which is pretty cool.  Anyways, you’re here to read a review right?
This book is like an action sci-fi orgy
full of super powers, intense fights, and a post apocalyptic world.  Sounds like a perfect setting for our heroine
Samantha to me.  This initial issue
starts off with one hell of a fight sometime in the future, but is kind enough
to jump backwards for some origin content. 
Between the two time blocks, we’re witness to some really interesting
events that seem to be a major component of the story and the history of this
alternate world.
Not only was the story a treat, but the
visuals were just as delightful. 
Something about the artwork that Trujillo
and Parvanov team up to give us pops right off the page.  With the kind of action sequences present,
they needed that feel.  Even when people
weren’t beating the crap out of each other, the art was vibrant and made the
read even more enjoyable.
If I hadn’t jumped on the Kickstarter
for this, I would have been kicking myself now for not supporting this
project.  I’m definitely interested in
seeing what happens next as the story continues on.  If you’re looking for a fresh new sci-fi
thriller, this is just the ticket.  And
even if you just want a good new comic to read, this is one I’d gladly suggest.

For more information on Project:
Shadows, check out 183
Degree Studio
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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