Princeless Vol 2 Issue 2

Adrienne is hot on the trail of her older sister Angelica. But in order to save Angelica, Adrienne will have to face a real monster – jealousy. Meanwhile, another member of the royal family has disappeared and one of King Ashe’s closest allies may be to blame!

I normally don’t find myself feeling the need to start off talking about the cover of a book, but the front of Princeless Vol #2 is just too funny not to.  I won’t deny that books with risque covers draw me in, but I can also appreciate the argument being made on how relevant they actually are. Regardless of your stance on this though, I personally got a laugh out of this.

So, onto the book itself. It starts off with a flashback that threw me off at first, but once you realize what’s going on, you get a bit of history for one of the characters.  From there we continue the central adventure that our two heroines are on. It actually bounces back and forth between that and the background events affecting their quest, giving the story plenty to feed on.

As you would expect from this series, it’s full of the quality humor that makes these books so fun. There’s really no doubt that the amusing situations and character interactions which present themselves are one of the biggest strengths in the series.  Even when the story leans to the darker, more serious side, it is written just as well and is just as interesting.

The artwork continues to do a good job in adding its quality imagery to the tale.  Both the characters and backgrounds are still just as vibrant in this issue.  This style is one I’ve grown fond of with these books and hope it keeps up.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the first volume of Princeless, make the effort so you can get to the second.  The series is so much fun to read and it’s one that everyone can have a great time with. Volume 2 is one I’ve been enjoying just as much and look forward to the other half.

For more information on the Princeless comics or other Action Lab books, check out Action Lab Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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