Princeless Tales of Girls Who Rock

Princess Adrienne is on the loose again, and this time she brought some friends! While Adrienne may be the first runaway princess, she’s certainly not the only girl who rocks! Come join Adrienne, Bedelia, Sparky, Tempest, and some brand new friends in Princeless: Tales of Girls Who Rock, a one-shot sure to introduce you to your next comics obsession!

Sometimes when you can’t get enough of something, your prayers get answered.  Granted, it was more hoping than praying that I did for additional Princeless content.  Either way, we were given another offshoot issue with Princeless Tales of Girls Who Rock, which in itself rocks.  All around, everything about getting more of this series rocks whether it’s a one-shot or more of the ongoing story.

Once again, we get to see another compact, stand alone issue featuring three more stories from the Princeless world.  Only one directly mentions anyone from the Ashe royal family, although I’m sure in some way or another all the characters have something to do with the books.  Not having read everything yet, that is one drawback not knowing, but the stories are fun regardless.

Along with the three different tales, we are exposed to another handful of artistic talent.  The styles definitely vary quite a bit between each of the stories within.  It’s always neat to me seeing the different way artists go about drawing the same world.  They each had their own unique approach to painting a picture, and were all around successful in doing so.

This particular one-shot didn’t seem to be as attached to the main storyline as the last I read.  Then again, I may be missing details from issues I haven’t yet had a chance to check out.  That being said, I still enjoyed getting more Princeless content and would say this is worth adding to the collection.

For more information on the Princeless comics or other Action Lab books, check out Action Lab Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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