Press Release: Elvatron Chronicles Kickstarter

Phoenix, AZ  – The fantasy series, Elvatron Chronicles: Volume ONE, launches on Kickstarter collecting the single issues #0 – #5 in trade paperback for the first time with over 100 pages of story plus bonus content found exclusively during the campaign that has launched on July 8th, 2017.

When the tyranny of mages was put to an end, the heroes chosen by the gods faded into legend. Now the cycle has been reset and rumors of mages returning are spreading across Arsaria like wild fire. If they are true, will the heroes also return or will new heroes be chosen to stand to prevent a repeat of the bloody history the land has?

Andy Bohn has been creating and releasing the Elvatron Chronicles series under the company of Spy Hunter Comics since 2010. During this time, he has evolved his style and pushed himself forward in both story telling and art to bring his vision to life. Now that vision comes in the form of a Kickstarter campaign to bring all the single issues #0-#5 in a single trade paperback collection: Elvatron Chronicles: Volume ONE.

What is in the Kickstarter?

Elvatron Chronicles: Volume ONE contains over 100 pages of story in their original form to show the viewers the progression of the creator in both writing and art, plus bonus content. Within the Kickstarter campaign, there are various packages from a digital version of the book in PDF form to packages containing various items such as buttons, and original sketches. On top of that, there are the stretch goals that come with all physical tiers.

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