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Comic conventions have become a part of nearly everyone’s yearly travel destinations in recent years. But some have become more pop culture based and have forgotten the source material, the comic books, that have spawned the Hollywood machine that churns out the television and movies that we all love. AZ Eventure Con wants to return to the days when the creators of comic books took center stage. After all, without those creators, without those comic books, pop culture as we know it would not exist.

AZ Eventure Con will take place February 18-19, 2017 at the Westgate Dave and Buster’s at 9460 W Hanna Drive, Glendale, AZ 85305.

Single day and two day passes are available, as well as a VIP charity ticket which includes a two day pass, all of the show’s exclusives, and an opportunity to challenge the comic book pros at video games in the Dave and Buster’s arcade. All VIP ticket proceeds to go charity. Single and Two day ticket costs also include food and drinks at Dave and Buster’s and there is plenty of free parking in the Westgate lots. Children’s passes are also available.

AZ Eventure Con will feature 40 different guests and artists will exhibit their work over the two exciting days. Some artists are only there for a single day, so be sure to get a two day pass and maximize your experience! Guests include Joe Benitez, John Layman, Chad Hardin, Chris Mowry, Raven Gregory, Tim Vigil, Natali Sanders, Alfred Trujillo, Tom Hutchison and more!

Exclusive items available at the show, and online prior to the show, include: Limited Edition Chew Trade Paperback (Creator John Layman is a guest), limited edition Joe Benitez art print featuring four characters from four different publishers together for the first and only time, and a limited edition Natali Sanders painted Dorothy Gale art print from Big Dog Ink. More exclusives to be announced.

Attendees will be able to meet and greet their favorite creators as well as take part in panels with topics ranging from art to storytelling to cosplay.

Charity art auctions will take place each day with donations from the attending artists. All proceeds go to charity.

For more information, or to purchase tickets or exclusives, please visit AZ Eventure Con.

Those interested in interviews/podcasts with show promoters Jesse James Criscione and Tom Hutchison, or any other media inquiries may inquire at


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