Powerpuff Girls: Power Up My Mojo

Written: Haley Mancini & Jake Goldman
Art: Derek Charm, Nicoletta Baldari & Phil Murphy
Letters: Andworld Productions
Series Edits: Sarah Gaydos
Series Assistant Edits: Chris Cerasi

The Powerpuff Girls comic includes three stories with villains The Fashionistas, Him, and my personal favorite, Mojo Jojo. The first story takes place right before a bike race, Tour de Townsville. The mayor asks the girls to lead the race, with only one problem, Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup do not know how to ride bikes. Then appears Penny Farthing, who offers the girls to help them learn to ride bikes in exchange to grant her the power to fly. But, Penny is Him in disguise, he made up this plan so the girls cannot save Townsville whilst Him goes on a rampage.

The second story is the day of the Townsville Soapbox Derby and Bubbles gets to drive after winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissor. Blossom and Buttercup are at their pit in case Bubbles needs to fix the car, but they leave for a second because they have consumed too many refillable big gulps. These were provided by Mojo Jojo under disguise offering these drinks so he can set a trap at the pit. Bubbles stops to fix a tire and Jojo inserts a mechanism that makes the car go faster, unable to stop. Her sisters return too late to stop Jojo and Bubbles has already returned to the race. Blossom and Buttercup come up with a disguise of their own to trick Mojo Jojo to get the remote to turn off the mechanism.

The final story opens with a pair of 1,000 carat diamond pumps showcased at the Shoegunheim Museum by artist Shoegotti. Who else but the Fashionistas, Bianca and Barbie, would want these shoes because, you know, fashion! The girls come save the day , but Bianca is armed with a sassy bazooka that turns those who are zapped into a brat. The girls are zapped by the bazooka and proceed to sass anyone that asked them a question, including the poor Mayor. The girls turn to the only person that can help them, the Professor.

I really enjoyed these stories. When the Powerpuff girls premiered in the early 2000s, it was one of my favorite new cartoons to watch, along with Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. These stories are along the same lines as the cute, tongue-in-cheek humor I had grown to love. The writing by Mancini and Goldman, who write on the series, is great. The stories and dialogue are like reading straight from an episode. You also get the bright, colors drawings and panels from Charm, Baldari and Murphy, exactly like the cartoon. What I loved is the familiarity of the stories, it was almost comforting to read these as a departure of the other comics I read.

May I end by saying, the jist of these stories:

Once again the day is saved, thanks to THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!

Art: 4
Story: 4 across the board
Writing: 3

You can find this and other IDW comics here: IDW Publishing

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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