Podcast Spotlight: Scott Sigler


If you have ever listened to a novel that’s been put out as a podcast, you owe a debt of thanks to Scott Sigler.  His novel Earthcore was the first podcast-only novel ever produced. It was released over 20 weeks, and gained over 10,000 subscribers in that time.

By the time his second podcast novel, Ancestor, had concluded he was drawing an audience of 30,000 listeners and over 700,000 downloads.  The hype behind Scott’s work prompted Sirius Satellite Radio to pick up Ancestor,  as the first audiobook serialized on the network.

Flash forward and Scott is now a New York Times best selling author, with novels being released by both mainstream publishers and his own Empty Set Entertainment. As Scott’s career has evolved, so to has his podcast. Gone are the days where he had the luxury of being able to dedicate the very large amount of time needed to produce the high quality podcast his listeners expect.  Rather than back down, the decision was made to ramp up is writing output, and allow others to take up different components of the podcast.  His friend, and business partner, “ARealGirl” A Kovaks hosts the Friday Fix episodes of the podcast, with Scott often joining her.  The regular Sunday release is still hosted by Scott, but his books are now often read by other narrators. The decision for Scott to back away from narration was a difficult choice, but has allowed him to focus more on his writing and other aspects of his life.  The exception to this is his popular GFL series.

Set 700 years in the future, the GFL (Galactic Football League) series combines Scott’s love of professional football and science fiction.  So far the series has spawned five novels, with two more planned, as well as three co-written novellas.  While tapping other talented people to read his other novels, Scott has said he will remain the sole voice of the GFL series, which is wonderful news. The novella The Reporter, co-written the Mur Lafferty, has just concluded it’s podcast run, narrated as always by Scott.

Depending on your available listening time, now is the perfect time to join in on Scott’s podcast.  With The Reporter coming to a close, starting February 21 Scott will be airing a 4 week short story, then Emma Galvin returns to narrate Alight, the second book in the Generations Trilogy.  The first book, Alive, ran twenty episodes (plus a Q&A episode, and a preview reading from Alight) in 2015, and is still easily available in the podcast feed, or for purchase without all the talky talk. Obviously you will want to take a listen to Alive before joining in on all the action of Alight.  As well, Alive is available now in hardcover from Del Rey, with Alight coming out in April, and Alone concluding the trilogy in October.

When someone asks me for a new book to pick up, I often recommend Scott’s work.  Many of his earlier works were a strong blend of horror and science, think Stephen King meets Michael Crichton, with very mature themes, violence, and language.  However both the GFL Series and the Generations Trilogy are both geared towards a Young Adult audience, and are a touch tamer while still being incredibly exciting.

I strongly suggest you crack into Alive right now, so you can pick up with Alight.  You won’t regret it, I’m sure.

You can find all things Scott Sigler online here: http://scottsigler.com

He is on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/scottsigler


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