Planet Gigantic 2

When Queen Neva takes Yuri and Valentina prisoner, she
puts them to work in the infamous Blood Mines of Woodmere. Meanwhile, Neva and
her dark sorcerer Narog devise a plot to steal their power. Also, a steadfast
messenger must carry the fate of the war across an unforgiving landscape!
When we last left off in our epic space
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  It just seemed a fitting way to start off on
this next chapter for this, well, epic space adventure.  I wasn’t sure quite the direction that it was
going in at first, but then again, with only one issue how could I?  Now that we’re a little further in, I am much
more interested in the story.  Not that
it should come as any shock, but Planet Gigantic could become one of my new
After being captured by the evil Queen Neva, our two
genetically super powered siblings find themselves being carted off to slave away
in the Blood Mines.  Upon arriving, they
end up being separated, with Valentina sent off to work the mines.  She comes to find that one of her fellow prisoners
is a princess who purposely got “captured” to plot against Neva.  In her haste to show off, Valentina ends up
getting the pair into a rather challenging situation.
Unlike the first bit of issue one, I had absolutely no
problems navigating the book this time. 
All the artwork illustrated all the different parts of the story with no
issue.  This issue had quite a lot of
impressive color work, between the glow of the Blood Mines to the way the
lights in darker areas illuminated right off the page.
I am seriously enjoying the heck out of this new
series.  The additional side story at the
end of this issue was really strong and I love that they’re adding those.  I’m not sure if this is a short run book or
not, but I’m really hoping it ends up going for a while.  With it just starting, do yourself a favor
and add this to your pull list to get into it now.
For more on Planet Gigantic or other Action Lab books,
check out Action Lab.

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