Planet Gigantic 1

When two genetically-engineered teenagers crash-land on a
strange planet, they must learn to rely on themselves and their
still-developing powers as they face down a giant rock monster. Also in this
issue: Lyana the Seeker braves a cursed tomb in search of the fabled Eye of the
Of the many topics that sci-fi explores, one of the most
intriguing is probably that of genetic engineering.  Where would we stop when it comes to enhancing
the capabilities of humans?  Although
intentions may just be good at the root of it, you can’t deny that it enters a
gray area of ethics.  With Action Lab’s
new title Planet Gigantic, we see just how far science might try to take this
controversial field.
Our first peek into this futuristic voyage has us
following along with two young space explorers that unexpectedly land on a
curious planet.  As we soon find out,
these are no average teens due to their powers granted through genetic
alteration.  After trying to help in a
struggle between a rock monster and planet dwellers, they are not so kindly
introduced to an apparent queen.  Even
with their powers they are no match for her minions and are hauled off as
As a whole the artwork inside this space thriller is pretty
darn good.  I struggled a bit at the
beginning trying to sort out what was going on, but beyond that the story moves
along quite smoothly.  One thing in
particular that was really fun was the way this cover was done.  It has that old school sci-fi pulp magazine
look to it that is just so fitting.
With an additional short story tossed in at the end about
events going on elsewhere on the planet, this first issue paved the way for a
neat adventure.  Even though it’s
primarily a sci-fi tale, it has some cool fantasy influence mixed in that I enjoyed.  I’d like to see more about both storylines,
and would certainly give thumbs up on trying this series out.
For more on Planet Gigantic or other Action Lab books,
check out Action Lab.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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