Pinocchio #1

The first of many, this pulp novella, combining both comic art and short story prose, chronicles the rise of everyone’s favorite politician Pinocchio. Be prepared to have your childhood ruined further!


Not much of a synopsis, I know.  Let me see if I can add a bit more so that y’all aren’t lost. Pinocchio appears to be a college kid who can’t stay out of trouble. From a wealthy family, his mama isn’t impressed and gives him a task to help make up for his bad behavior. There..I think that’s a pretty good summary. Now…on to the review!


The good: The art, while very adult in nature, is very well done. The black and white actually lends to your eyes being drawn to the details. The story is well written and an interesting take on a twisted fairy tale. I’m curious as to what happens in issue #2 which is a good sign since it’s rare that I’m picking up comics these days.


The bad: These are nitpicky details but I didn’t enjoy that the publisher chose to print the story in a newspaper type format. By that, I mean that the prose portions of the book were done in a two column format. Unfortunately, that also led to them using a full justification. This led to the spacing on some of the lines to be a bit wonky. Other than that, there was one wrong form of a word and um…yeah, I got nothing.

The summary: Like I said, it was an interesting take on a character that most of us are familiar with. He thought he had no strings to hold him down ,but just how accurate is that? You’ll need to pick up this book from Undesirable Entertainment and find out for yourself!





Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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