Robert Kirkman’s ‘‘The Walking Dead #1’’ Exclusive Variant Covers Available to All Wizard World Comic Con 2013 Attendees

First TWD #1 variant cover by comic writer/artist Michael Golden debuts at Portland Comic Con, Feb. 22-24; Limited Editions Via Skybound Only Available At Wizard World Throughout 2013

NEW YORK, February 13, 2013 – Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of the groundbreaking, Eisner-Award winning The Walking Dead comic book series and graphic novels continues to break records in all of its incarnations. Wizard World and Skybound, Kirkman’s imprint at Image Comics, have teamed to bring fans what they want, more of The Walking Dead! Now, all full-price attendees at every Wizard World event in 2013 will receive a limited-edition, exclusive cover variant of The Walking Dead #1.

A different superstar artist will create the variant cover art for each of the eight scheduled shows this year...

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Hex The Lost Tribe

Los Angeles — From the mind of Keu Cha (Witchblade, Rising Stars) comes a fantasy unheard off. Join Keu Cha this February as he uncovers a once great land, now steeped in darkness and decay.

The project of HEX started off with a Preview sketchbook and limited Lost Issue and due to the amazing support of fans at the shows and through the online store it has kept Keu´s dreams alive and allowed them to get to this point – the completion of the long anticipated first issue of Hex, ready for the presses.

As Keu says: “The goal is to stay independent and self publish the entirety of this series. Self publishing is a huge undertaking and the challenges have been many...

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For centuries, Zeus has kept his distance from his children, believing that it was the best thing for them.  However, as the years went by he has begun to re-think this course of action as the sins of his children came back to haunt him.  Now, with the return of one of his greatest failures, Zeus vows to make amends for his past mistakes, but will it be enough to quell the wrath of a spurned offspring?  Read Godstorm, the new hit series from writer Pat Shand and Zenescope. You’re sure to get a charge out of it!

Ok, so this one is gonna be a doozy.  Five issues all in one review, pretty sure I can handle it.  So, let’s get down to it and see what’s what.  Zeus is not the most faithful man in history, so as you can probably guess, he’s fathered quite a few children over the centuries...

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Valiant is proud to announce a new line of One Dollar Debuts, re-presenting the sold-out #1 issues that relaunched the Valiant Universe  just in time for Free Comic Book Day and the one-year anniversary of Valiant’s return! Arriving in stores on May 1st, this is the perfect chance to jump aboard all five of Valiant’s best-selling series from page one. From Archer & Armstrong to X-O Manowar, each One Dollar Debut edition contains the first epic chapter of a new hero’s introduction to the Valiant Universe, as told by the some of the most acclaimed creators in comics!

Written by Robert Venditti; art by Cary Nord
Reprinting X-O Manowar (2012) #1

Written by Joshua Dysart; art by Khari Evans
Reprinting Harbinger (2012) #1

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Kickstarter of the Week: The Family Troll

The Family Troll is a heart warming tale of an abandoned young troll who blesses the lives of a young couple in the most amazing way!

This is a story book (OGN) written by Jill Kirkham and drawn by Tyler Kirkham (DC comics’ Green Lantern Corps, New Guardians, Red Hood) and is on Kickstarter at the moment:

It is loosely based on Tyler and Jill’s real life experiences as they have struggled to have a child of their own. It takes place in a fantasy world, and follows the lives of a young couple as they have the very same struggle.

They choose to consult a wizard in the hopes of receiving a magic spell or potion to solve their problem...

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