Ragged Rider

Our story begins with “The Dead Man’s Hand”, in which
a mysterious bandaged gunman rides into town in search of an undead card shark,
but the fiend may have found a way to evade the bounty hunter.  Also, Neighclops deals with another boring
day in the back-up short “All Tied Up”!
Supernatural meets Wild West? 
An Egyptian Boba Fett if you will? 
The concept at first certainly seems unusual, but I can’t deny that it
works.  The factor which really makes it
successful is that it leans towards to comedic side, which given the subject
matter is really only natural.  So if you
can get past the immediate knowledge of a cowboy mummy, you’re in for a fun
book with Ragged Rider.
With this only being the first issue, we don’t really know all
that much about the background on our main...
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Big Dog Ink Teams Up With Wayne Gardiner to Bring Fans More Knightingail

Big Dog Ink and Knightingail comic creator/writer/producer Wayne Gardiner are overjoyed to announce that the Knightingail saga will be returning to Big Dog Ink this Summer! The all-ages, fantasy-adventure comic book Knightingail: Shadow Divisions will be available in comic book stores nationwide beginning July 2013 and will continue as a 6-issue monthly mini-series.

Suitable for fans young and old, Knightingail: Shadow Divisions continues to follow the adventures of Knightingail where the first mini-series volume, Knightingail: The Legend Begins, left off. In this breathtaking new series, Knightingail and her four Centurion companions must somehow find a way to unite and use their combined powers to destroy Luceus and a band of assassin warriors known as the Showdow Ravens.


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Big Dog Ink June 2013 Solicitations

 The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #9
Writer: Tom Hutchison
Artist: Alisson Borges
Cover A: Alisson Borges
Cover B: Nei Ruffino 
A & B covers ship 50/50
Hop on board as we delve deeper into the mystery behind the Emerald City mines.  The excavation at the Emerald City has picked up steam, but Dr. Pipt isn’t sure he can be part of it any longer.
Critter #13
Writer/Creator: Tom Hutchison
Artist: Fico Ossio
Cover A: Fico Ossio
Cover B: Romano Molenaar
A & B Covers ship 50/50
Big Dog Ink’s first event series “High Tide” continues as the world’s heroes struggle to find a way to defeat Tidepool. But help is on the way.
The In Crowd #1
Writer: Eric Esquivel
Artist: C.B. Zane
Cover A: C.B. Zane
Cover B: Cor...
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June Solicits: Zenescope Entertainment


Written by Pat Shand, art by TBD, covers by Pasquale Qualano, Jimbo Salgado.

The events of Godstorm and Grimm Universe have all been building toward this moment! Unleashed: Part 3 (of 6). After tragedy strikes, the gods are scattered and they only have one defense left — flee! The Being has put his final, horrific plan into motion and no one is safe. Will one god’s selfishness lead to their fall, or will Zeus’ plan save the Nexus once and for all? Don’t miss the finale to the first act of the biggest event in Zenescope history!

48 pages, $5.99.


Written by Pat Shand, art by Jason Johnson, covers by Anthony Spay, Harvey Tollboa.

Unleashed tie-in! The darkest corner of the Grimm Universe is re...

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PHXCC Looking for Information Desk Volunteers for 2013

Phoenix Comicon is still looking for some great
Information Desk volunteers for our 2013 event.
value all of our volunteers and working at the Information Desk is a great way
to interact with our attendees and to learn a lot about the convention that you
wouldn’t know otherwise,” says Convention Director Matt Sorberg.

As a volunteer for the Info Desk staff, you will be:

ñ  Working shifts at the Info Desk during the convention
to answer attendee questions with accurate information.
ñ  Assist with answering phones and emails during and
before the convention.
ñ  Will need to attend training sessions and meetings to
be prepared for the event.
are looking for team players that like to work with people. Customer Service
experience preferred but not required.
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