While on a search and rescue mission, the NeverMinds team
encounters a mysterious new adversary. As they race against the clock to
complete their assignment, they try to find out who he is and how he knew about
their covert organization. Are they up for the challenge?
I really have to say, diving into the pages of Neverminds was a
great way to return to some review work. 
This book was such a pleasure to read from start to finish, and I really
hope that it continues on past these three issues.  Both the creative storyline and gorgeous
artwork sold me pretty much immediately and did not falter by the end.
The tale that Rich Bernatovech has written for us is a lot of
fun to read, and he does a great job of creating the world, or should I say worlds, for the series...
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Zenescope Reveals Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Teaser!

Zenescope Entertainment is proud to unveil the first three minutes of our Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Pilot!
The pilot was fully funded through our 2012 Kickstarter project: 
have completed the pilot for the animated series and are in the final
stages of getting all of our rewards together to ship out to the
backers. Overall, our fan-base and pledgers are just excited to have
been a part of the process and have been extremely supportive, and
patient as we get the rewards in order.
gave us the opportunity to ask the people if they would want our Grimm
Fairy Tales animated series, and they responded yes. We didn’t have to
go through...
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Silence & Co

Productions is proud to be soliciting Silence
& Co.
, the new, 176-page, black and white original graphic novel, this
March through Diamond Comic Distributors.
disillusioned Hitman Alexander Maranzano is contacted by the shadowy Silence
& Co. to fulfill a contract, what starts off as just another hit quickly
turns into a deadly race for answers. From the dusty streets of Marrakesh to
the lush jungles of Colombia and back to NYC, Alex’s search for revenge and the
truth behind Silence & Co. triggers a series of events that alter
everything he has ever known. And change the nature of organized crime forever.

is by Ron Randall (Alien, Star Wars),
letters by Eisner winner John Workman (Thor,
Marvel 1985), cover by Eisner winner
Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Shooters),...
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Bob Larkin Needs Comic Fandom’s Help

From Terry Allen:
Bob Larkin, whose done hundreds of paintings for Marvel, DC, Fleer and numerous others is in desperate need of help. Bob’s wife, Fran, has been battling various forms of cancer for the past 12 years and the endless medical bills has put an incredible financial strain on the family.  Fran is currently recovering from her latest surgery and Bob has become her caregiver 24/7 leaving him unable to take on new work.
I’ve been working with Bob the past few years doing primarily Doc Savage based collectible items with the profits going to Bob and family.I’ve worked with Bob the past couple of years on a sketch book featuring Doc Savage as well as Batman, Stewie, the Shadow , and a whole host of others and it’s finally come back from the printers this week...
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Representatives for author Frank Beddor announced that he will
be partnering with actor Nathan Fillion’s charity Kids Need to Read for a new
initiative. For every book sold by author Beddor at the upcoming Phoenix
Comicon (May 23-26), or ordered through his new Kickstarter campaign
(, he will
be donating one to the charity’s book drive.
“Frank has been a fixture at Phoenix Comicon since its
early years and has been at the intersection of realizing success and using
that success to the benefit of others for even longer,” says Matt Solberg,
Convention Director of Phoenix Comicon. 
“Getting kids to read will be successful through these
“We are so pleased to have Frank contribute in this
way,” said D...
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