Kickstarter of the Week: MockTales: The Nexus Earth Presents

Hello everyone! This is Greg Scott Bailey. MockTales will be getting its “kickstart” with our short story book; MockTales: Nexus Earth Presents #1.

Cover Line Art

What we’re looking to fund here is payment for the artists involved as well as the initial print run for the 2013 convention season. That’s it! And that is why we’re only asking for $2500 for this first-round project.

I want to bring everyone into the Nexus Earth Universe of MockTales by starting out with four stories of random characters and places in this new world for issue #1. This book will be mostly black and white/grey-tone with color being added only if production time allows. Then, every three months, I will be releasing another issue with even more characters and stories...

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This March, the Harbinger Wars are heading north
for the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific
Valiant is proud to announce its debut appearance at Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) on March 1-3, 2013 in Seattle, WA – and we’re bringing along a boatload of free swag, show exclusive products, and special guests to celebrate! 
Visit Valiant at Booth #2008 all weekend long to get a sneak peek at the future of the Valiant Universe inside the pages of the Harbinger Wars Sketchbook – a FREE first look inside the biggest Valiant event of the summer! 
Plus, for the first time ever, Valiant will also ...
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The Geeks Come Out At Night

it comes to throwing an excitingly educational, fun-filled, geeky
night, there are quite a few cities on the list. One of the most notable
is Tempe, AZ.  From the technologically-based companies, to the
innovative work done at the Arizona State University campus, it’s not
hard to figure out why Tempe would host one of the most geek-loving
parties just outside Tempe City Hall. Geeks Night Out (part of Geek Week
in Tempe) allows Artists (such as Big Chris Art, Alfred Trujillo, and Jeff Pina) cosplayers (AZ TARDIS, Arizona Ghostbusters), as well as clothing and merchandise (Geeksville, AZ, Evil Controllers)
to roll out along with science demonstrations, and geeky wooden cutouts
for photo opportunities: it was a dream for anyone who loved science,
technology, and art and longed to ...
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Jet Girl

From the unhinged, yet lucid mind of Justin lee Fox and the cunning,
contemporary art style of Jacob Crippen comes the action adventure
Graphic Novel, “JET GIRL”!

This February, brace yourself for a
new espionage/sci-fi extravaganza. JUSTIN FOX’S JET GIRL, holds true to
the 30’s silver screen serial with a modern feel and pop culture
attitude. Dive head first into this full colored 80-page experience.

The project of JUSTIN FOX’S JET GIRL was originally written as 3
one-shots that correlated with one another but were separate adventures
in themselves. The first chapter follows Audey/Jet Girl, as she is sent
to destroy the Lunar Socialist’s moon base. There, she confronts Junior
Hitler, who is a failed clone of the Tyrant Dictator, and his nursemaid
Ilsa, who was suppose to be the clone’s ...

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Dark Horse Deluxe Partners with Toy2R to Distribute Limited Edition Hellboy Mini-Qee Vinyl Toys!

OR–At this year’s International Toy Fair, Dark Horse revealed what is sure to
be one of the year’s most-talked-about toy releases! Hong Kong’s innovative
designer-toy company Toy2R will produce a new range of 5” vinyl figures in
their popular “Mini-Qee” format, putting their unique design spin on Mike
Mignola’s popular Hellboy character. 
Mike Mignola’s Hellboy has emerged as one of the classic comic book
characters of the modern day, spawning a successful series of graphic novels,
motion pictures, animation, interactive games, and toy lines. Excitement around
this character is at an all-time high, as Mignola takes him back to whence he
came in the smash-hit series Hellboy in Hell, currently in its third issue.
Raymond Choy’s Toy2R is recognized as being ...
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