reMIND In March Diamond Previews

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: With reMIND Volume 2 being the
highest funded graphic Novel on with over $107,000 in pre-order
sales, the time has come to “remind
everyone that currently you can order your very own copy of reMIND via the
Diamond Previews (#294 VOL. XXIII #3, MAR13,
page 292)
as well as directly via SCB Distributors so it can be
ordered from any bookstore as well.

reMIND is an
all ages sci-fi about faith, underwater lizard-men and brain transplantation.

Jason was inspired by comic artists in the
90’s when Jason refined his drawing style and then was influenced by Miyazaki’s movies and
storytelling over the last decade.
Creator Jason Brubaker seamlessly delivers
a perfectly-paced story, strong characters, and a
visual style that can actually be descr...

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VALIANT Goes 8-Bit for HARBINGER WARS: BATTLE FOR LAS VEGAS – Coming Soon to iOS and Android!

summer, Valiant’s Harbinger Wars crossover event will be delivering
8-bits of awesome to iOS and Android devices everywhere!

Kotaku today debuted the first look at Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas – an 8-bit side-scrolling video game tracing the events of Valiant’s upcoming summer crossover! Following the release of Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4)
on April 3rd, the game’s first level – colliding the casts of the
Bloodshot and Harbinger ongoing series against one another – will be
available as a free download via the iOS App Store and Google Play in
Developed by Storm City Entertainment, Harbinger
Wars: Battle for Las Vegas offers fans the chance ...

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Rainbow Dash

This is
it! The always awesome Rainbow Dash in her own showcase adventure! 
a performance with the amazing Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash runs afoul of a
sinister cloud and things get 20 percent more out of hand.  Now, with her wings and pride hurt, Rainbow
must find a way to bring happiness back to Ponyville before everypony’s consumed
by fear and sorrow.  The second
installment to the ongoing MLP Micro-Series, from writer Ryan Lindsay and
artist Tony Fleecs, is sure to be the most awesome thing you read!
with the trend that began with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little
Pony: Friendship is Magic has put out a micro-series which individually focuses
on the exploits of the “Mane Six.”  With
this second installment of the series, we delve into ...
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Dark Horse Launches a Library of Titles on Google Play!

Horse continues to further its digital initiative with the announcement of
titles now available on Google
Hot on the heels of a successful partnership with Amazon Kindle, and
following up on the incredible success of Kobo and Nook, Dark Horse is proud to
announce a partnership with Google Play. 
Dark Horse
digital graphic novels are now available for purchase in the Google Play store,
including over four hundred of the company’s top titles, like Mass Effect, Hellboy, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Sin City, and more!
are very excited to be working with Google to bring Dark Horse graphic novels to
the Play store,” said Dark Horse’s director of digital publishing, Mark
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Kickstarter of the Week: The Ragged Man Adventure

I’m back again with my Kickstarter addiction!  Actually, I’m
realizing “addiction” is the wrong word.  I’m more of a “Kickstarter connoisseur”. “Addict” implies I’ll back just *any* project. Not true. I throw my endorsement behind projects I’d truly love to see thrive.  This one is no different.

Those in Southern Arizona are no strangers to the Adventures Under The Laughing Moon,
a table top RPG set in a universe created by local teacher and author,
Todd Vanhooser.  It’s finally time for a new adventure!  Part
fantasy/part horror, The Ragged Man
is an independent campaign set in the Laughing Moon universe.   With
all of the compelling story elements veterans of the game are familiar
with, countless hours of fun are sure to be had with this project.

So grab your dice bag, thr...
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