by Mac Walters, lead writer of Mass
Effect 2
and 3!
Seattle, WA–Today at Emerald City Comicon, Dark Horse Comics announced a new
ongoing canonical entry in the Mass
Mass Effect 2 and 3 lead writer Mac Walters kicks off a new ongoing series, set in
the vibrant, engaging world of BioWare’s blockbuster science fiction epic! Fans
of the award-winning franchise will find new characters tied directly to the
newly announced Mass Effect 3: Citadel single-player DLC.
Praise for Mass Effect:
comic is recommended whether you are a Mass
groupie or someone who has never heard of it before today and just
likes sci-fi. It’s a strong, good, enjoyable read!”—
the writing front, the dialogue is straight out of what ...
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Award Winning Comic Brought To Life for Mobile, Tablets, Desktop
New York, NY, ­- HappyGiant, in
association with Dark Horse Comics, announce “Usagi Yojimbo: Way of The Ronin”, a game
now available for iPhones & iPads, and coming soon to Android devices and desktop
PC’s (
In conjunction with the release of the game, Dark
Horse Comics is announcing the first new Usagi
collection after a year hiatus working on 47 Ronin. The first new book will be Usagi Yojimbo: A Town Called Hell, which will see release on July
Usagi Yojimbo is the beloved character and world
created by award winning author and illustrator Stan Sakai, following the tales
of a ronin (masterless samurai), set in feudal Japan. This is the first
videogame based on the ...
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Tom Felton, Henry Winkler Added To Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con Celebrity Roster, March 22-23-24

Malfoy’ From ‘Harry Potter’ Joins ‘Happy Days’ Actor, Successful
Producer, Director As Additions To Inaugural Event At America’s Center;
Stan Lee, Laurie Holden, Billy Dee Williams, WWE® Superstar Randy
Orton®, Superstar Comics Creators Also Headlining

NEW YORK and ST. LOUIS – Tom Felton, best known for his portrayal of “Draco Malfoy” in the Harry Potter series, and Henry Winkler,
who first became a pop culture icon as “The Fonz” in the classic TV
series “Happy Days,” have been added to the standout celebrity roster at
the inaugural 2013 Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, March 22-24 at America’s Center.  The two join previously announced guests Stan Lee, Laurie Holden, Billy Dee Williams, WWE® Superstar Randy Orton®, James Marsters and Dean Cain among the h...

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The Secret Life of Crows

I love a skillfully drawn, lovingly written comic book. That’s the long and the short of it.  Oh, expand? Happy to!

What can be said about The Secret Life of Crows that hasn’t already been said? Oh, that’s right: everything, because
this was an incredibly unique bit of fiction!  I haven’t seen a book
like this come into existence in a long time.  The fact is, this review
is a bit behind because once I got it and read it, I needed to digest
what I had read.  Then I left the book alone for a few weeks, although
it was always in the recesses of my mind.  Once I felt I was ready, I
tackled it again and it was like a second culinary delight for my eyes
and mind.

The book was created, drawn, and colored by the amazingly talented Nei Ruffino.
I’ve been a huge fan of Nei’s since I “disc...
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Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4)
– the FIRST ISSUE of Valiant’s first family crossover! Arriving in
stores on April 3rd, Harbinger Wars #1 is the can’t-miss first chapter
of the event that will pit Bloodshot and Harbinger against a new
generation of superhuman – and each other.

“Clayton Crain is a phenomenal talent and we’re
extraordinarily happy to have him joining Valiant for Harbinger Wars
#1,” said Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons.  “He will be handling a
pivotal sequence introducing Generation Zero, the strike force
controlled by Project Rising Spirit that inadvertently sets the
Harbinger Wars in motion.”
For decades, Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation and
the government’s own Project Rising Spirit have been waging a secret
war over the rarest resource known to man – the...
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