Wizard World Philadelphia 2013

When one thinks of Philadelphia, usually the first things
that come to mind are cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, and the Phillies.  However, when I think of “The City of
Brotherly Love”, only one thing comes to mind, Wizard World Philadelphia.  Now mind you, this would be my first year
travelling down to Philly for this con. 
In fact I’ve been heading south since 2008 (except last year when I
lived on the other side of the country), so needless to say, I’m no stranger to
Philly’s Wizard World show.  However this
is my first time reporting on it, so we’re going to see how this goes.
After emerging from the subway station out on to the sweltering
streets of Philadelphia, I couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge of
excitement, just knowing what lay ahead of me within the Pe...
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Ten Grand … And Worth Every Cent!

you’re in trouble with the wrong people, especially people with a connection to
dark forces, go to the worst part of town, to places no one would enter in
their right mind. Ask for Joe.  He will
help you. He will save you. Even if it kills him … Especially if it kills him.
So goes the introduction to the newest offering from J.
Michael Straczynski and his newest venture, Joe’s Comics.  The story is compelling, a former private eye
who was killed by a demonic force along with his wife.  Facing eternal separation, she in heaven, he
in hell, he is offered a chance at resurrection on the condition that he works
against the forces of darkness on the mortal plane.  Now he works as a paranormal enforcer for
people who run into trouble with dark powers. 
His price?  Ten grand.
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Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole

After years of having escaped the clutches of Wonderland,
Alice thought she was finally going to have a normal life with her family.  But, little does she know that once you come
into contact with it, you can never truly escape its insanity.  Now attending therapy sessions and taking
medication, can Alice stay sane enough to protect all those she loves?  Join Alice as she takes another psychotropic
trip back Wonderland, in this new series by writers Raven Gregory and Pat
Shand.  Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole
is one journey not to be missed.
Now we get to see what happened to Alice between the events
of Alice in Wonderland and Return to Wonderland.  She definitely didn’t leave Wonderland
unscathed and what evil had escaped with her has come back to haunt her...
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Screwed #1

Screwed follows a young woman who awakens in a hospital covered
in scars as if she had been taken apart and put back together again; her mind
as fragmented as her body. As she tries to piece together what’s happened to
her, she will find many enemies are after her but she’ll also find a valuable
ally in FBI Agent Erin Scott.
The entourage of monsters in Zenescope’s arsenal is already
impressive enough, but lucky for us, it’s still growing.  This time we get to see the classic nuts and
bolts tale of Frankenstein’s monster get a totally new incarnation in
Screwed.  Thanks to the creative minds of
Tyler Kirkham and Keith Thomas, this feature creature is nothing like you’ve seen before.
Over the years we’ve seen plenty retellings of our favorite
Hollywood monsters, but t...
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I may have mentioned elsewhere, or may at some point
mention, or possibly gripe incessantly about how I hate MMOs. It’s something
that I’m kind of infamous for amongst my gaming circles. It was with great
hesitation, then, that I approached Defiance, a recent post-apocalyptic MMORPG
from Trion Worlds.
I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series from way back when, but
I’ve played Fallout 3 and New Vegas to the point of which I just don’t want to
go back anymore. I’ve spent that much time in the DC and Mojave wastelands that
I just can’t go back in anymore, and the old games sadly haven’t aged well (and
barely run on modern systems). I’m also a fan of the Borderlands series, with
over 1500 hours between the two games and their various DLC campaigns, so when
I heard there was an MMO that was...
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