Vampires: The Eternal #1

Vampires invade the Grimm Universe
– and these ones don’t sparkle. When Samira, the Queen of all Vampires, returns
to Earth after over a century of banishment, she rallies her troops in a
mission to kill every monster and High Born who won’t bow before her. Can
Helsing, daughter of the famed vampire hunter himself, send Samira back to the
grave before the world is enslaved? • * UNLEASHED tie-in!• * Van Helsing
back-up stories in each issue!
Forget everything you know about
those humane vampires because these ones don’t mess around.  Set after the events of Unleashed number zero
and one (if you haven’t read those, go grab them first), Vampires: The Eternal
focuses on Samira, queen of the vampires. 
She’s out trying to find the remnants of her people that were left
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Dark Horse Comics Announces C2E2 2013 Schedule!

OR— Dark Horse Comics is headed to Chicago’s
fastest growing pop culture event – Chicago
Comics & Entertainment Expo
Join us for signings at booth #801! Free comics and/or prints with each signing while
supplies last.
Please note that lines may be capped or tickets
issued for any signing as needed. Inquire about your favorite signings as early
as possible. Some restrictions apply. All events are subject to change.
Comics, books, and collectibles will be
available for purchase from Dark Horse or your favorite retailer.

p.m. AMALA’S BLADE signing with
Steve Horton
8” x 10” print featuring art by Michael Dialynas
p.m. BATTLEPUG and THE ANSWER! signing with Mike Norton
copy of Th...
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July Solicitations – Valiant


Written by JAMES ASMUS
Cover by RYAN SOOK
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by MARCOS MARTIN
Variant Cover by ANDREW ROBINSON
QR Voice Variant by TOM FOWLER
Writer James Asmus (Thief of Thieves, Gambit, The End Times of Bram & Ben) and artist Tom Fowler (Venom, Hulk: Season One) punt the world’s worst superhero team headfirst into the Valiant Universe! 
Once upon a time, Eric and Woody Henderson were
inseparable. Adopted brothers. Best friends. Brilliant minds. Years
later, th...
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Years ago,
Sela and a host of allies, who called themselves The Hunters, stopped a horde
of monsters from summoning forth an entity of pure evil.  Sela knew that the only way to truly put this
to an end, she would have to seal away the creatures and in turn sacrificing
some of her allies in the process.  They
all agreed it was for the best.  Flash
forward to the present day, where The Being has broken free and released the
monsters that had been locked away.  Now,
on his quest for ultimate power, The Being is carving a path of destruction
throughout the Grimm universe and it looks like Sela is the only one that can
stop him again.  Unleashed, the new crossover
epic from the writer of the hit Roby Hood series Pat Shand. 
Just when you thought the Dream
Eater was bad enough, now here...
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Madness of Wonderland #2 & #3

 Warning: There may be spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

 As the
investigation of the bizarre murder continues, agents connected to the case
keep winding up dead.  Now Detective
Legrasse must delve even deeper into Lovecraft’s journal in order to put this
case to rest.  However, a spectre from
her past begins to haunt her and a man thought dead leaves signs of his
return.  The madness continues in these
next two installments of the new Wonderland spin-off by Dan Wickline. 

So, I
think it’s safe to say that you never want to get involved with anything even
remotely related to the Liddle family.  Something
Emma Legrasse is finding out all too quickly as other agents investigating the
murder case that started all of the current craziness, begin to get picked off
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