Fly: The Fall #s 1-3

The serum works, Danielle has been stopped.

While Eddie grieves over the loss of Danielle, Francis is more determined than ever to perfect his Fly formula.  Now that he know that not only can he give the power, but also take it away, Francis seeks out the mysterious man who murdered his parents.  But, how did Danielle become so far gone and was there a way to save her?  Read the sequel to the hit series Fly and find out just where it all went wrong.

Ok, so if you haven’t read the first volume of Fly, go do that now.  Don’t worry I’ll wait…actually I gotta keep this review going, but for those of you who did, congratulations you’ve just become, like twenty percent cooler.  Fly is just one of those rare series that I myself can just really get into...

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Mike Choi, Joe Corroney, Peter David, Greg Horn, Mike McKone, Jim Valentino and Matt Wagner Join PHXCC 2013

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that comic book artists Mike Choi, Joe Corroney, Peter David, Greg Horn, Mike McKone, Jim Valentino and Matt Wagner will be attending Comicon 2013.“We love comic books and artists, so our philosophy is the ‘more the merrier’ for this year’s Comicon,” says Marketing Director Jillian Squires.

Mike Choi is best known for his work on books such as Witchblade (2003 to 2006), X-23 (2007) and X-Force (2008 to 2010). Most recently, Choi provided the cover to Green Lantern vol. 5 #5 in 2012.

Joe Corroney is an illustrator who is best known for providing Lucasfilm Ltd. With official Star Wars artwork for related books, games, trading cards and magazines since 1996. He has also developed his creator owned comic book series, Death Avenger...

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Sleepy Hollow #2 and #3

Craig Marsters only wanted to do the right thing, too bad Brian Aston doesn’t see it that way.  When a college prank goes too far Brian and his other teammates vow to keep silent about the whole ordeal.  Guilt and fear begin to consume them as tales of revenge percolate about campus.  Soon, Brian, Ty and their friends will discover that the Headless Horseman is more than just a legend.

So, Craig Marsters has met his fate and at the hands of someone he trusted no less, all because he stood up for what he believed was right.  He had a good head on his shoulders.  Now, Brian, Ty and their teammates have awakened the spirit of vengeance (no, I don’t mean Ghost Rider) and they’re going to learn the hard way about the true meaning of revenge...

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Love it or hate it, why people should shut up about Big Bang Theory being “offensive to nerds”

This entry just might be the closest thing to “inflammatory” I’ve written.

Let’s get this out right now: I love the Big Bang Theory. Most of my “nerd” friends love the show. It’s a show.  All of us have the good sense to suspend our disbelief and disassociate ourselves from the exaggerated characters, because at the end of the day, they are exactly that: caricatures.  When I was growing up in a standard middle class family, we didn’t bitch about “Rosanne’s” white-trashiness.  I didn’t hear about talk radio personalities or psychiatrists raving about the neurosis of “Doctors Frasier and Niles Crane”.  No journalists were ranting about “questioning journalistic integrity” of Murphy Brown and the crew at FYI: we still embraced the characters. Quirks and all...

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Honky Tonk Man and Gary Harper Join PHXCC 2013

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that Honky Tonk Man and Gary Harper will be attending Comicon 2013.“We are proud to welcome both Honky Tonk Man and Harper to this year’s Comicon event. They are sure to provide some great entertainment,” says Marketing Director Jillian Squires.

Honky Tonk Man (born Roy Wayne Farris) is best known as being a professional wrestler for World Championship Wresting (WCW) and World Wrestling Federation (WWF)–now WWE. While wrestling for WWF, he held the WWF Intercontinental Championship for a record 64 weeks. Most recently, the Honky Tonk Man has worked independent wrestling show all over the world since 2000.

Gary Harper is a historian and all around armory and weapons expert. He has consulted and contributed to popular movies Rambo III (1988), Master ...

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