Tomb Raider

She presses herself against the rock wall, breathing shallow and listening intently. Two men, a crackling campfire, conversation hushed, but casual. One of them bitching at the other about a book he’d found on the last freighter that washed ashore. She’s outmatched, but she’s got no choice.There’s no way around them, only through. She waits for her moment. She may be smaller, weaker, but she’s smart.
One of the men stands up, declares his intent to relieve himself, and wanders away from the campfire. Lara waits a moment, then creeps forward, silently. Pulling her bow from her shoulder, she moves behind the man warming his hands at the fire. In a flash of motion, she’s drawn the bow across his throat, knee in his back. He makes wet, choking noises and struggles for a moment, but she’...
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Vampires: The Eternal #2

On her quest to bring forth a new vampire order, Samira
happens upon her old coven and offers them the opportunity to join her.  Reluctantly they accept, but are they as
trustworthy as Samira hopes?  Find out in
the newest installment of the spin-off mini-series from the Unleashed
story line, by Pat Shand.  Also in this
issue, find out more of how Liesel Van Helsing is adapting to modern day
society and the unexpected ally she runs into. 
After all this time, Samira has found her maker and his
coven.  If only she could get them to
join her cause, she knows they’d be unstoppable.  Yet many are still rather skeptical of the
notion of world domination.  They’re
happy just existing and do not wish to limit their food supply by creating
a whole world full of vampires.  With a
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Iron Man 3 — Another Take

I went to check this out with an amazing group of people. This part I highly suggest whenever you go to movies by the way if you can manage it. I suspected something might be up when the audience was so light and late arriving most of the day. Anyway, IRON MAN 3 starts off with probably the best 45 to 60 minutes of any of the 3 films. We are introduced to some potentially dangerous scientists and even more crazy villains who can use their bodies to burn through metal and grow back limbs etc, awesome stuff. Then however about half way through the movie, we are thrown a twist that I am sure will not only shock but massively disappoint anyone who reads the comics and quite frankly many who just watch the movies. Unfortunately it does not stop there...

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C2E2 Con Recap – Day 1

Oh what a con! Wouldn’t that be the teaser of a lifetime? I could just say that and leave you to wonder what I mean…but you guys know me and know that I love to tell you about amazing, so amazing, here we come!

Any con always starts out with travel and C2E2 is no exception! This year, my con weekend started out at 4:15am (Chicago time) on Friday. My things were already in the van, so it was get up, get dressed and head out the door. Traffic was good, with the usual Chicago hangups and I actually managed to make it to O’hare an hour ahead of schedule. I know you’re wondering why the heck I went to O’Hare when the convention center isn’t anywhere near there. Simple, my friends. Parking. Parking is way, way cheaper there than at any of the hotels...

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Rainbows weren’t meant to be black and white..

Award-winning comic book artist takes bland to beautiful

If you asked a thousand people to guess what Jeff Balke of Elkhorn does for a living, odds are that not one in those thousand would come remotely close to a right answer.

 Balke, you see, is a colorist. No, he doesn’t work in a hair salon, nor does he work in the paint department of a local home improvement store.

Balke’s medium of choice is comic books. He’s the guy who adds color to another artist’s pen-and-ink drawings. By adding color, he brings the drawings to life, making them look almost three-dimensional at times and, as Balke likes to say, helps them “pop” out of a comic book page.

It’s a lesson he learned early in his career.

“When I first started out,” Balke said, “several people told me my style wasn’...

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