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Interview with Pat Shand about Quest

Zenescope’s Pat Shand takes the reins on Quest, the new November-shipping mini-series that touches every corner of the company’s shared universe. Shand has already built up an amazing body of work with Zenescope, including writing Robyn Hood, Robyn Hood: Wanted, Realm Knights, Grimm Universe and various issues of Grimm Fairy Tales, as well as orchestrating and co-writing the Unleashed event. With Quest, Shand gets to bring back some familiar faces and break new ground as the evolution of the Grimm Universe continues.
Q1.  Pat, we understand that Quest is important because it’s the only Zenescope book that sets out to touch all the Realms.  Can you speak to that a little bit in the sense of what the story is?

PAT SHAND: The Zenescope universe is comprised of Earth (the Nex...
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Zenescope Entertainment Goes on a Quest this November

Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to publish a new Grimm Fairy Tales comic book mini-series entitled QUEST. Zenescope’s Pat Shand will be handling the writing the action-packed fantasy series.
With this new series, Shand gets to bring back some familiar faces and
break new ground as the evolution of the Grimm Universe continues. Quest is scheduled for a November release and is available for pre-order this month in Diamond PREVIEWS.

follows a rogue princess named Aisling who teams up with well-known
Grimm Fairy Tales characters, Blake, the fallen Wonderland knight, and
Bolder, a dwarf warrior banished from his home. The trio finds itself
searching for redemption as they’re tasked with protecting the realm of
Myst from the dark shadows of its past.
a v...
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Action Lab’s VAMPLETS gets USA TODAY coverage

the heels of its first smash hit, SKYWARD, comic book publisher Action
Lab Entertainment took another step forward by getting its next big
release, the kid-friendly VAMPLETS, covered in the August 19 issue of
USA Today.

for an early October release, VAMPLETS is a 48-page oversized hardcover
edition based on the plushy toy line developed by creator Gayle
Middleton (who played a large role in the redesign of My Little Pony and
The Littlest Pet Shop), co-written by David Dwonch, with art by Amanda
Coronado and Bill Blankenship.

tells the story of Destiny Harper, a teenager who gets pressed into
service babysitting a collection of loveable monster babies. USA Today
calls the title “great” and “charming”, and notes that the book will
help fans of all ages get ...

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