The Final Plague #1

The Final Plague has begun, and with it mankind’s final
hours.  Can a rural Iowan family survive
the initial onslaught of crazed, rabid animals, presumably the product of a
mutated super-virus?  Or will they
succumb to the plague that threatens to end all life as we know it?
More zombie apocalypse you say? 
Well, technically yes, but not in quite a manner the genre is accustomed
to.  The Final Plague is another of
Action Lab’s new Danger Zone books, and they continue to impress.  This fresh new take on the undead threat is
one that is very welcomed (ok, zombies, maybe fresh isn’t the best word).
Conceptually, this story is probably one of the most creative,
and in turn frightening that I’ve read involving zombies.  The walking dead is scary enough, but to have
them embodi...
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Bloodshot #1-10

Writer: Duane Sweirczinsky
Pencilers: Manuel Garcia with Arturo Lozzi
Inker: Stefano Gaudiano
Colors: Ian Hannin
Letter: Rob Steen
Cover Artists: Arturo Lozzi, Mico Suayan, David Aja & Esad Ribic
Assistant Editor: Josh Johns
Associate Editor: Jody LeHeup 
Executive Editor: Warren Simmons
is a man who acts as a super powered human weapon of mass destruction
for the government. His real name and identity are unknown. What is
known is that the government created him and made him into what he is
now. With nano technology literally coursing through his veins Bloodshot
is nearly unstoppable. He is given a new memory before every mission.
Each memory he is given is specifically designed to help drive Bloodshot
towards successfully completing the mission...
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Madness of Wonderland #4

madness stops here, or at least that’s what Emma Legrasse is hoping for as she
closes in on the suspect behind the murders. 
With her girlfriend’s life on the line, she will stop at nothing to bring
this person in and put an end to the violence. 
However, the killer may not be who she thinks.  Read the final installment to the Madness of
Wonderland mini-series that will leave you crazed for more. 
So, now
Madness of Wonderland comes to a close. 
The killer has been revealed (which I won’t give out here) and the
legacy of the Mad Hatter lives on.  It’s
been a wild ride and Emma just wants it to stop, for her girlfriend’s sake as
well as for anyone else this murderer might lay claim to.  But, what is Danko’s involvement in all of
this and why did he take Shelly?  As l...
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Dream Thief #1

After stealing an Aboriginal mask from a museum, John Lincoln realizes that the spirits of the vengeful dead are possessing his body and mind while he sleeps! His old problems have been replaced by bloody hands and the disposal of bodies—and now remembering where he spent last night has never been more important!

Here we have John Lincoln, your typical sleazeball who really only looks out for what’s best for him and his best friend, Reggie Harrison.  He does drugs, cheats on his girlfriend and steals, all while being an unemployed drain on society.  He’s a real winner.  However, that all changes when John wakes up after a wild time at a museum and finds himself, in some unknown location, wearing the mask he proposed to steal...

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Tomb Raider

She presses herself against the rock wall, breathing shallow and listening intently. Two men, a crackling campfire, conversation hushed, but casual. One of them bitching at the other about a book he’d found on the last freighter that washed ashore. She’s outmatched, but she’s got no choice.There’s no way around them, only through. She waits for her moment. She may be smaller, weaker, but she’s smart.
One of the men stands up, declares his intent to relieve himself, and wanders away from the campfire. Lara waits a moment, then creeps forward, silently. Pulling her bow from her shoulder, she moves behind the man warming his hands at the fire. In a flash of motion, she’s drawn the bow across his throat, knee in his back. He makes wet, choking noises and struggles for a moment, but she’...
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