Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If they keep this up (and with the Whedons at the helm, how can they not?) I'm looking forward to a long run from this show.

They're already weaving commentary into the fabric of the stories without it seeming plodding or intrusive. Characters have believable motivations for what they're doing, even if they seem controlled by outside forces. The writing is great, both in content and timing, which the characters are making excellent use of.


The tech is believable, albeit within the 'superheroes and aliens are
among us' world of SHIELD. There are cool gadgets and vehicles, but
they serve to bolster and support the characters, never taking center
stage themselves...
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Sold-Out Skyward #1 Goes to Second Printing

The first issue of Skyward,
the breakaway sold-out hit from Action Lab Entertainment, will return
to stores with a second printing at the end of September.  

“All of us were blown away with the immediate success of Skyward,”
says Action Lab President Kevin Freeman.  “The book got some fantastic
early press and flew off the shelves as a result.  We know there are a
number of readers who are anxious to get their hands on this book, and
our re-release of the title gives them that chance.”
Skyward was
recently announced as the first ongoing series for Action Lab, which
has published limited series, one-shots, and original graphic novels to

The book retails for $2.99
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Action Lab Extends Line with New Digital First Books

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Interview with Pat Shand about Quest

Zenescope’s Pat Shand takes the reins on Quest, the new November-shipping mini-series that touches every corner of the company’s shared universe. Shand has already built up an amazing body of work with Zenescope, including writing Robyn Hood, Robyn Hood: Wanted, Realm Knights, Grimm Universe and various issues of Grimm Fairy Tales, as well as orchestrating and co-writing the Unleashed event. With Quest, Shand gets to bring back some familiar faces and break new ground as the evolution of the Grimm Universe continues.
Q1.  Pat, we understand that Quest is important because it’s the only Zenescope book that sets out to touch all the Realms.  Can you speak to that a little bit in the sense of what the story is?

PAT SHAND: The Zenescope universe is comprised of Earth (the Nex...
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