Xob: The Lightning Wielder #1

Story By: Kyrun Silva
Art By: David Jaxon
Colors By: Federico Pepito Sioc Jr. & King Bola
Letters By: Nikki Powers
Published By: Taurus Comics

Xob (pronounced Saw) is a fem-led superhero book that follows Tracy Lor, a young woman trying to navigate school, work, and being the titular superheroine.  The first few pages jump right into the action as a battle ensues between Xob and merc for hire Armored Raider.  This gives readers an initial insight to our protagonist abilities and personality as she makes quips about property damage, insurance, and being too broke to pay a deductible.  Travelers make their pitstops in Greenhill, WA in hopes of seeing Xob getting down to business saving the day.  All that and a millennia old nemesis for the power of Xob is plotting to take over the world...

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Written by Stephane Lapuss’

Art by Renaud Collin

THE DEAL: Don’t worry about spoilers this time, folks – I couldn’t ruin this plot if I wanted to. This series of single- and double-page shorts is exactly what you’d expect from the Minions: surprises, laughs, and the occasional awkward body humour.

THE GOOD: I’m going to be real honest, here. I hate the Minions. They’re the Pixar equivalent of Air Bud: mute, one-dimensional, and barely able to hold my attention.

But guys – I like this comic. The art has a sketch-like quality that I find endearing. The plots are tight and succinct. The punchlines are more hit than miss...

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The Freeze #1

Ray works an everyday office job until an electrical shock signifies the instant everything changes for those around him. Remember, the Girl, the Gold Watch and everything? An event like the Gold Watch freezes everyone, but not the world. Cars collide. Planes crash. Then there’s Ray.

He has a gift.

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Outer Darkness #2

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Afu Chan
Letterer: Pat Brosseau

SYNOPSIS: 700 years into the future humans and a hostile alien race are at war in space. The human race has perfected space travel, and they discover that when any living body shuffles off the mortal coil, the soul is then shot into the outer darkness of space, where they are trapped for eternity and pissed about it!

THE STORY: I really like the story here this is from the writer of CHEW by Image Comics which is personally one of my favorite stories. I happened to have already read issue one and I realize that’s a bit of an advantage because nothing story wise is explained in this issue...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Lifeline

One heart. One life.

Told from the perspective of those around him, enter the story of a man as he struggles through the decades to do what all of us must – simply live. Nandor Fox Shaffer (SEASONS) presents Lifeline, a one-of-a-kind 96 page full-color collaborative graphic novel project with seven uniquely skillful artists with ranging styles from around the world to tell a captivating drama of family, legacy, and reflection.

We only have one life. How will you live it?

I’m so excited about this book. Seven different artists have come together to tell one fantastic story. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything quite like this. Usually when you see multiple artists, it means multiple individual stories that don’t necessarily tie together. Please head on over to Kickstarter and ...

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