One-Eyed Jack

As Judge Dredd prepares to celebrate his 40th birthday, his publishers are preparing to fire his ultra-violent origins from the 1970s and back into readers’ hands for the first time.

The root of Britain’s biggest comics export, future policeman Judge Dredd, One-Eyed Jack was a Dirty Harry-style cop, created by writer John Wagner and artist John Cooper, who patrolled an increasingly broken society of crime, racial unrest, and economic hardship, where even the cops struggle to keep order.

“Retro” doesn’t always mean “good”.

Don’t get me wrong, One-Eyed Jack isn’t a terrible comic; it’s just sort of forgettable. It’s a Dirty Harry knockoff. Jack’s rebooting as Judge Dredd was actually a good thing.

The art is fairly competent; there’s a lot of nice angles to break things up, and the character models are at least recognizable. The linework is useable without making any impression. It might’ve benefited from color…then again, I imagine the color being muddy and incoherent. Maybe best to stick with black and white.

The writing is pretty dull, following the standard formula: somebody gets crimed, the Chief called Mr. Jack a maverick, then OEJ goes out and angrily kicks everybody’s ass. Something explodes, The End. The most interesting thing about the dialogue is the horrendous typeface, which looks like it was spit out by a sociopathic robot.

In the end, I guess it’s nice that 2000 AD paid homage to Judge Dredd’s forebear, but it feels more obligatory than enlightening.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 5.

One-Eyed Jack can be found at 2000AD

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