From the smash-hit writer behind X-Men Legacy! Dying young,
a brilliant Mathematician discovers a way to cheat the terrifying Divine
Calculator. He schemes to be endlessly reincarnated in the life of the woman he
loves, no matter how often the violent bailiffs of the Karmic Accountancy cut
short each life. It falls to one such Karmic agent – the surly Bastard Zane –
to put a stop to the time-twisting romance once and for all, before the
Mathematician can pull-off his greatest trick and escape Existential Justice
Numbercruncher provides a fresh, new look into the
afterlife.  According to this series,
numbers and equations are what life is all about, so it would only make sense
that a calculator is the one calling the shots (and I don’t be the electronic
kind).  However, the afterlife isn’t the
main focus of this story, but rather a love so powerful that it defies the rules
of the great equation itself.  A mathematician
named Richard Thyme has figured out a loophole in the Karmic contract that can
essentially allow himself to be reborn indefinitely.  Richard loves this girl, Jessica Reed, so
much that he’s willing to endure countless lifetimes just to be with her, if
only for a few moments.
I kind of like the idea of the afterlife being likened to an
infinite accountant’s office.  It’s not
all about spirituality, but numbers and equations and if you’re smart enough
like Richard, then you can manipulate your re-incarnation the way you
want.  Seeing death in this sense, kind
of makes things a little easier to accept and that’s it’s not just oblivion,
but something a bit more tangible.  PJ
Holden gave the book a nice throwback vibe to it with his linework.  An interesting read to say the least,
although it does drag a bit by about the third issue of this collected
set.  A lot of Bastard Zane recanting all
of the different incarnations of Richard he’s run into, which could be fun for
some, but I just wanted the series to get on with it already.

Si Spurrier has created something truly unique here with this death-defying (literally) love story. If you’re looking for a bit of romance in your life with a fantastical twist, then look no further than Numbercruncher. Apparently math really does make the world go ‘round. So, don’t wait another lifetime to pick up your copy today. For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Titan Comics website, or the Titan Comics Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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