Ninjak #5

The final secret of the Shadow Seven exposed!

Ninjak’s mission to destroy Weaponeer and its secret cabal of shinobi masters just got a bit more complicated…since the newest leader of Weaponeer is… Ninjak himself?! Meanwhile, Roku’s gone missing, but we all know the world’s deadliest woman is at her most dangerous when she’s out of sight!

Matt Kindt
Clay Mann
Butch Guice
Valiant Entertainment

There’s a lot to appreciate about the ongoing Ninjak series. Fast paced action, an intriguing exploration of the characters childhood and some good colour work in amongst work that wouldn’t feel out of place in the 90’s (if that’s your thing will depend on how much you liked Image in the 90’s).

But still the most interesting thing about the comic is the back up strip, telling us the story of how he turned from a British spy to a heartless killer with a penchant for wearing costumes that you assume would make him stand out rather than blend in.

It is an odd choice to have three different timelines running, (in what is otherwise a rather standard superhero comic) and I don’t think it really works that well, but I’m glad that Matt Kindt is trying something experimental like this. It marks the comic out a little bit, from what otherwise would be a bit of a flat and unexciting comic.

Perhaps if the backup story were incorporated into the main storyline itself, it could work to the comics’ advantage. Showing the three states of Ninjak would help explaining the present timeline better, and inform us more as to who he is. As it is, anything set in the present feels disconnected and without stakes, which is rather odd when the issue opens with a drawn out, no holds barred fight!

Even as is now though, fans of the character won’t be disappointed, as the issue offers plenty of what people sign up for when they purchase a Ninjak comic. But as someone who hasn’t been 100% won over by it yet, the backup story offers something more compelling, more human than anything else appearing in this issue.

Cover image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.

Ninjak is available from Valiant Entertainment.

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