Night’s Dominion: Season Two #1+2

The Cult of Uhlume is no more, and the city of Umber nurses its wounds, as do the reluctant heroes who saved it. Trauma and tragedy have left their mark on Emerane, the lowly barmaid. But when Asps target the city’s Alderman, as well as its champion, the Furie, she finds herself donning the mantle of the Night once again, and coming to their defense – whether she’s ready or not.

After rescuing the city Alderman from assassination, Emerane takes him to her tenement for refuge, only to find the Furie near death from a poisoned arrow. It seems the House of Asps intend to eliminate Umber’s only defenders of justice. But to what end, and at whose command, Emerane must find out. What she doesn’t yet realize is that, as the Night, she is their final target. Will her former companion, Azmeer, be her end?

I am somewhat familiar with Ted Naifeh with his Courtney Crumrin series.   What I’ve read of it I’ve rather enjoyed so I was curious to see what he could do we a fantasy setting.

First thing to know going in this the second season of this comic so this is a new arc.  I’ve said in other reviews that I believe in the philosophy “Every Comic is Someone’s First” so a comic should be easy to get into without having to read previous books.   I know there is a lot of times text block to explain what has happened before, but I’m here to read a comic, not read truncated explanations of what happened previously.

That said this series so far is fairly easy to follow.  Sure it’s obvious that I am missing information on motivations and past events that have shaped those motivations, but it’s not distraction from the story.

One of the reasons the story is still engaging even with missing some backstory is the world and the political situation set around it.  The setting is a sort of Arabian styled city state which is a nice change from the typical Euro styled fantasy stories.

The lead in the story is apparently a woman who goes by the indemnity of “Night” and she acts a sort of vigilante for the city.  That said even though there is a lead, there are so many other interesting and engaging characters running around this city that they all stand well on their own and I want to follow a lot of them.

On the art, Ted Naifeh’s unique style works well for this story as well.  He doesn’t do hyper realistic art but yet there is still a lot of detail and emotion in is work.  Also the story is mainly set at night, when people plot and perform their dark deeds, which means there is a colorful dark palette always at play.  That was a common trend in his Courtney Crumrin work as well.  So while there is a lot of color, it still is a very dark looking story.

I give it a 4 out of 5.  My only complaint is a common one where I wish I could read this story collected because it reads like a whole story cut up and not separate chapters per issue.  Don’t get me wrong the flow isn’t choppy from issue to issue.  I guess I just wish it was more easy to binge like a show on streaming media.

If you want to learn more about this book you can go to – Comixology

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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