Night Vol 2 Issue 1

Sabrina Voght awakes in a lavish state with no memory of her
torture at Elizabeth Bathory’s hands but appearances are deceiving as her
situation quickly deteriorates to combat and she finds herself once again
fighting for her life.
As a disclaimer before I continue, I did fast forward from
Volume 1 Issue 1 up to this point. 
Understandably so, this did leave me feeling a bit lost going into this
issue.  Fortunately the beginning of this
book gave a “what you missed so far” briefing which helped picking it back up.
Given my love of the supernatural genre, It was still great to
jump back into the Night series again. 
The main character is actually one who was briefly encountered in the
first issue, and it was quite interesting to see where she is now.  With how intense the series started off, the
current events seem to fit in well..
It was good to see that both the writing and art have improved
as the series continued on.  The plot
catch up that was described at the start of the book shows that they have progressed the story
along well.  Also of particular note, the
artwork is now in full color which certainly adds to the overall quality.
Those who have a fondness for the world of vampires will
especially enjoy this book.  I can’t
speak to any of the issues I missed, but this one serves to show promise in the
long run.  With how well the second
volume has started, I would say it’s worth getting all the issues prior.
For more information on Troy Hasbrouck and his work, check out Jester Press

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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