While on a search and rescue mission, the NeverMinds team
encounters a mysterious new adversary. As they race against the clock to
complete their assignment, they try to find out who he is and how he knew about
their covert organization. Are they up for the challenge?
I really have to say, diving into the pages of Neverminds was a
great way to return to some review work. 
This book was such a pleasure to read from start to finish, and I really
hope that it continues on past these three issues.  Both the creative storyline and gorgeous
artwork sold me pretty much immediately and did not falter by the end.
The tale that Rich Bernatovech has written for us is a lot of
fun to read, and he does a great job of creating the world, or should I say worlds, for the series.  What’s really nice is that he manages to take
our lead trio of heroic girls and gives their story depth.  Even with their superhuman powers, they have
their share of issues, and they add to the intrigue of the book.
Without a doubt, the artwork that appears in these books won me
over and is simply stunning.  It was so
crisp and clean, and the vibrant colors made everything pop.  A couple of the character designs are fairly
generic, but quite a few of the others more than make up for it.
Some people might skip over this series simply because of the
superpowered team direction.  Honestly
though, putting that fact aside still leaves you with something worth the read.
All in all, I very much enjoyed reading these three books.  I haven’t done too many superhero books in
recent months, and this was a perfect one to fill in the gap.  This is a really good set of books for pretty
much anyone to get into, and I’d be more than happy to suggest buying them.
For more information on the NeverMinds comics or other content,
check out Drumfish Productions.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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