Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legend of the Piko Piko Middle School Students Vol 1

Mysterious invaders are threatening Earth . . . so recruit a group of elite school kids to play video games that secretly train them for the real fight that lies ahead! Does this plan sound familiar? Well, they’d better get a new plan, because the elite school kids are Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Kaworu, and they’re too busy playing games to ever get in the fricking robot!

Ok, you managed to get this far after that mouthful of a title, so congratulations. Now, if you’re looking for more of the serious Eva content you’d expect, this isn’t it. However, if a comedic twist is your thing, *breathe* Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legend of the Piko Piko Middle School Students is where it’s at.

While this new Eva book still has all the characters, the world, even the threat of the Angels, it’s not what you’re used to. It’s a very comedy driven, parody filled, fourth wall breaking version of it. Here, we see the kids in a school that specializes in training them to pilot by…..having them play video games all day long. Eventually, this does get them out into the world, but again in a very humorous way.

It’s manga, so more often that not there’s not really much to report when it comes to the artwork. I won’t ever complain about more Eva content though, no matter the medium. So even though it’s nothing new, the work is quality as ever and more than welcomed.

As a big fan of Evangelion, I actually enjoyed this, even being as different from the original as it is. The silly factor did go pretty overboard, but given how serious the series is that’s not such a bad thing. Those unfamiliar with the show may have difficulty with this, but hardcore fans should get a kick out of it.

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