Mystere #1

Mystere #1 Cover

Look at that cover! Man I want to pick that off the shelf. What’s inside?

Mystere #1 (of five)
Written by Ben Meares
Penciled and Inked by Sergio Arino
Colored by Ceci De La Cruz
Lettered by Carlos M. Mangual
Published by Zenscope

Synopsis: It’s safe to say that Mary Medina has been through a lot. Born with the ability to raise the dead, she has had many adventures — both as Mary and as her alter-ego, Mystere — across the Grimm Universe. But now, Mary is content to leave her life as Mystere behind her. However, when mysterious deaths start happening too close to home, Mary must become Mystere once again to stop the horror that is being unleashed on her newfound home.

Really, that cover is a well done job. The variants are cool, too. Yep. Speculative cover-buying for an audience of eBay reseller audience.

Carlos M. Mangual’s letters are perfect as I never noticed them. Kudos, Carlos!

Colors are kinda average in that Ceci De La Cruz gives is a sort of lens flare effect that everyone else does. I have a secret: modern blurry colors don’t ever sell a comic. It is better than flat colors and I concede my highly compressed digital copy might be the culprit. How about a mulligan?

Getting the vibe?

Sergio Arino, look dude, are we drawing a sweet shelter volunteer to flashes a sweet beaver shot every page or are we doing the whole pissed-off-Brie-Larson-of-color who frowns and butch-poses constantly? The story says she’s straight… She flashes hotness about once a page… so why the uber-strong-girl attitude art?

I appreciate all of Sergio’s drafting skills but this is another pitfall of modern comics. Every indoor panel could be a sterile hospital waiting room. But they aren’t are they? The apartment, the shelter, even the street outside are distracting because they don’t look like places the audience has been.

Ben, Ben, Ben. Let’s talk. This is the book to introduce us to Mystere’s alternate ego. She’s not a hero. She’s a rotten, hateful thief. I don’t want to ever read another book about her.

And FYI, her alternate ego is flashing her Mystere powers to scam the old man in the story. That’s not very alternate ego-ish, is it? I mean, the whole story is about Mary trading in her powers for a normal life. Right?

Ben Meares, read your synopsis! This is not the book your are selling your readers.

How could you improve it? Go deep into all your conflicting virtue signalling and give some actual information. There’s a moment when Mary gives $100.00 to a pan handler (BTW, that is code for mug me). Giving money to panhandlers can be a little hazardous and there’s the very real chance you’re just giving your money to a scammer. Tell your reader how to spot needy people and do the most good.

The art and story are technically average. There’s your 3 stars of 5, but this is not a buy. Go buy a back issue of Swamp Thing or Spider-man instead.

If you are determined, you can find the comic at your local comic shop or online at

Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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