Munchkin #6+7

Spyke and Flower once gain take center stage in a classic adventure of Munchkin proportions.

Even the greatest of adventurers need a break from all the action once in a while. In the fantasy world, that’d usually involve stopping at an inn or putting up camp. Popcorn and DVDs aren’t exactly what you’d expect. We know better than that with Munchkin though, especially as we’re making our way into issues six and seven.

As in the last issue, and even stated right in the comic itself, the daggers and other weapons are put aside this time. Rather than loot runs, it’s two Munchkin movie nights with Spyke and Flower for some amusing parody versions of popular films. Parody hits that they invite us to watch include Munchkin: Impossible and Titanic (Monsters), some of their favorite “non-copyright infringing” movies.

At this point, you should be pretty familiar with the artwork in this series. That is especially true if you’ve played the game, but if not, you get used to what you’ll see for art quickly. Beyond the typical stuff we see though, we had The Muntrix illustrations which were amusing to see in this style as a parody to a certain Keanu Reeves trilogy.

Spending a good amount of the time interacting with the dungeon duo on the couch wasn’t exactly thrilling, especially for two issues. The stories that we saw in the movie parodies were pretty funny, but that only did so much for my interest. Some of the humor that makes Munchkin so great was present here, and for that it helps makes these two issues an ok buy.

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