Munchkin 5

THE FUTURE! Everyone lives underground now. The shadowy government decides to send someone back in time to rectify past mistakes. The time traveller runs into other time travellers, including a cyborg hunter sent to “terminate” a military leader, two high school kids on an Excellent Adventure, a crazy doctor and a young man who seem to be travelling back to the past/future, and Jeanne Claude Van Damme as TIMECOP from the movie TIMECOP. Turns out the future was messed up by all these conflicting timetravelling jerks.

If you don’t know by now, either through our reviews or the game itself, Munchkin is silly.  Silly in a hilarious, geeky, super fun way.  I’ve yet to even come close to experiencing all of the expansion that have come out.  Whether or not Munchkin issue 5 is based on anything from one of them, it’s too silly for words.

Put aside the dungeons and daggers, we’re all about time travel in this issue.  And I mean ALL about it.  This features so many references to time travel movies it’s insane.  No matter how many different ones come to mind first, one of them is bound to be in here.  At the end, this issue also throws in another side story focusing one of the hysterical cards from the core game.

The art style that has been the standard for the majority of this series continues on here, in both the main story and the side.  With the large amount of different backgrounds, characters and uh, time periods, the visuals really had lots of room to play.  This issue was particularly vibrant in colors, again with all the the stuff going on, it really allowed for some nice work there.

The sheer amount of nods to time travel movies in this book will make any fan of them chuckle.  I definitely got a kick out of it, especially with the way they handled tossing them in one after another.  Again, you read Munchkin because it’s silly fun, or just because you love the game.  Point is, you should read it just for that reason, because laughter is great.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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