Mumbai Confidential

Once, Kadam was a rising star in the ranks of the Mumbai
Encounter Squad, a secret unit tasked with carrying out extrajudicial
executions of wanted criminals.  However,
the death of his pregnant wife triggers a downward spiral that leaves Kadam a
shadow of his former self.  When Kadam is
the victim of a hit-and-run he goes into a coma for a month.  After waking up, he finds a new sense of
purpose and pursues the investigation into the identity of the driver on his
own, when the police close the case for lack of leads.  Kadam finds out that the driver was Balwan
Khan, an over-the-hill Bollywood B-Movie actor.  This brings him into direct confrontation with
his ex-colleagues, who are now de facto gangsters in uniform and use Khan’s
movies to launder their money.
Crime noir, how can you not love it?  Well ok, maybe it’s possible, but as far as
I’m concerned, it’s such a fun genre. 
It’s dark, dirty, in your face and always putting you on the edge of
your seat.  Wrap all that up and throw it
into the naturally harsh environment of Mumbai, and it’s bound to be a recipe
for success.  These ingredients are
exactly what came together for Mumbai Confidential, and wonderfully so.
Without revealing too much of this riveting story and
leaving the twists intact, I can say for sure that you’re in for a hell of an
adventure.  Our not so heroic “hero” is
the product of his environment and unfortunate events, leaving us with a washed
out, broken man with nothing to lose. 
The fallen versus the corrupt, a typical scenario for sure, but put them
in Mumbai and you have a whole new game. 
There is certainly no shortage of ass kicking, back stabbing and
everything else you’d expect from this kind of story that’s for sure.
The gritty, bleak feel that this city was sure to have
during this time is more than expressed in the artwork.  We see a different art style than you’d be
used to with most books, but that is completely welcomed here.  It’s just like something out of an old pulp
fiction magazine, and to me that was absolutely perfect for this book.
Once again, I have to give it up to the creators here for
offering up a piece that feels like a movie in book form.  It’s always such a pleasure to read something
like this that transports you into the story, and pulls you along for the whole
ride.  With it being coined as a Book
One, I’m fully anticipating another. 
Even if this doesn’t happen, you’d be wise to grab at least this first

For more information on Mumbai Confidential or other titles,
check out Archaia.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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