Muffenman #1

Creator and Writer: Anthony Moore
Artist: Jo Galicia
Cover Design: Gerald J. Jones
Cover Artists: Anthony Moore, Rudy Ao, Brian Payne

It’s one thing to find a comic you like, and you know you can walk into your friendly local comic shop and know when it will be there. When I was new in the hobby, living in a small town, the nearest comic shop was in the city. I was lucky to get there once a month, so opening the mail to find that month’s subscription had arrived was a mostly-unexpected treat. (Shipping to Canada sucked back then too, so I could only afford one, Count Duckula.)

So when I walked out to get my mail one day and found a nice solid cardboard envelope marked “Limitless Comics” I was stoked. It’s a different feeling than having Amazon show up on your doorstep. It was a nostalgic glow that something exciting had arrived. It wasn’t a bill. It wasn’t junk mail. It was The Muffenman #1.

If you asked me what it was about this character that instantly grabbed me, I don’t know if I could tell you. I don’t even remember exactly where I first saw him, but I think it was on social media, sometime in advance of the Kickstarter. There was just something about the image that just clicked for me.

As I opened up to the first dark and moody pages of Jo Garcia’s black and white art I knew I was in for a ride. A pile of punctured corpses. A shadowy cloaked figure, only blending in because it’s Halloween. An overworked veteran police detective. Two hapless thugs looking to get rich quick in the sewers under Boston. A pissed off crimelord and an armour-clad supervillain with his own agenda. Oh, and a seven-foot tall monster called The Muffenman. Anthony Moore packs in everything you could want in a great story. It has a feel not-unlike the ’80s run of Swamp Thing, interestingly written by a different Mr. Moore.

Then it ended… The curse of indie comics is that there is often a long time between issues, so I honestly don’t know when the next issue of The Muffenman will come out. This issue closes with the quote “The night has been long for many and the last for some.” and to me, that quote means it’s been a long wait for this title, and it better not be the last issue.

Released in the last few days by are limited editions of Muffenman #1 with more mature covers, and a limited run graphic novel collecting all of the previously published Realmz comics to date. These are both being offered directly through Limitless Comics, so check out their Facebook Page to find Moore limited Limitless goodness.

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