Monsters and Other Stories TPB

Off the top, not my usual comic. I’m usually all about the superheroes when I pick up a comic and I tend to avoid the horror genre, but this was a very pleasant surprise.

Gustavo Duarte is a talented artist, that much is sure. I’m a big fan of his clean lines and expressive form that isn’t left wanting for the absence of script. His ability to create facial expressions that perfectly express what the audience would expect from an actor or monster in a movie is fabulous. Many times I found myself creating the sound effects I would expect to see written out in frame in other books, but his art expressed the scene so well, they would have just cluttered up the frame.

His twists are well timed, and his mix of comedy and horror are well balanced. He makes great use of negative space and embraces breaking the ‘rules’ when it serves his purpose.

Monsters and other stories is actually Monsters and ‘two’ other stories. All three are different in theme, outcomes, and twists showing Gustavo has a great handle on more than one story. Each is a mix of comedy, dark comedy, and horror without being unbalanced. From Aliens in a bottle, to Death coming calling, Monsters in downtown. You never really know where he’s going, but I found all the endings satisfying.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work and hope he attracts an audience in North America the way he has in Brasil.

For more information regarding this book, check out Dark Horse Comics.

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