Mishka and the Sea Devil HC

Eleven days trapped on a mysterious island. Eleven
chapters drawn in eleven different styles. One incredible artist. After a
chance encounter at sea, fisherman Mishka washes ashore on an uncharted island.
Surrounded by monsters and worse, can Mishka survive long enough to solve the
mystery of the Sea Devil and return home? Join her, Captain Furball, and
Admiral Ghost on the adventure of their lives!
Mixed in with the many dramatic, serious, sometimes even
scary books, it’s always fun to break into the lighthearted and quirky titles.  It’s really no surprise that just such a book
would come from the beloved folks from Action Lab.  Thus far, they have yet to disappoint with
any of the releases I’ve read from them. 
The collected adventures in Mishka and the Sea Devil add yet another
notch to their ongoing list of great stories.
What starts off as a perfectly normal story of Mishka the
town fisher quickly turns into a fantastical adventure after the giant Sea
Devil strands her on an island.  Being
hit with a case of amnesia, she eventually finds two new friends along the way –
a talking cat and a ghost admiral.  They’ve
all apparently been wronged by the Sea Devil and set out on a quest to take
back what they’ve lost.
Without a doubt, the artwork for the series was the most
impressive aspect for me.  Not only has
Xenia Pamfil given us a wonderful story, she has taken on all the art as
well.  What makes it so impressive is
with each chapter, the style changes. 
You’d honestly think it was different people every time, but it’s just
her using a new approach and all were done wonderfully.
This is really such an enjoyable story that is most
certainly bound to be a good time for readers of all ages.  Not tied down to any particular genre or
interest, pretty much everyone will have a blast sitting down with this
one.  I really liked this one and would definitely
recommend it to anyone especially now that it has a collected hardcover

For more information on Mishka and the Sea Devil or other
Action Lab books, check out Action

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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