Metal Locus #2

If you enjoyed Metal Locus #1 for its fast-paced action and pretty impressive artwork, you should be glad to hear that Metal Locus #2 has more of that, plus a slightly less-jarring plot development which I felt hurt the first issue slightly.

This issue picks up by filling in the beginning events that were left out in #1: Hermes’ acquisition of the precious AI followed by the immediate attempt of his capture (and also betrayal to the parent company, Nippotech) from the security team. Bullets fly, people die, and it looks great on paper (or pdf, rather). While maybe you shouldn’t dwell too much on the plot (why wouldn’t the security just steal the AI themselves and save the hassle of killing their CEO/boss person? Is it really cost-effective to set-up Hermes like this? Will this get answered in the next issue anyway??), you should definitely dwell on the direction the story is going: some new characters join Hermes, Cliff, and Charlie in getting this AI to safe hands, and are immediately targeted and hunted by every other bounty hunter in the area. The result? A pretty action-packed and exciting final pages (with expected cliffhanger, of course), and a reason to wait for the next issue coming around. While I may be skeptical of a certain romance blossoming in this issue (or is this something that has already existed, and I am simply missing it?), this issue otherwise has very few plot-progression missteps, and it feels like a finely tuned action arc that leaves you wanting more – in a good way.

I will be waiting eagerly to see if the next issue continues this exciting momentum, and maybe explains why the AI was so confounding dress-wise in the past issue. Maybe it’ll remain a mystery. Oh well. There are gorgeous fights to look at.

To hunt down your copy of Metal Locus #2, patch yourself right here, and poke around on if you want to see more of their offerings.

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